1983 Honda CB1000 Custom


A fully enjoyable motorcycle to ride with beautiful lines


Charging system, tricky to troubleshoot.

Dropped rear brake caliper.

A small amount of oil burning, comes and goes.

Had to replace speedo and tach.

General Comments:

Love the bike, lots of power, unique high/low 5 speed transmission, bulletproof shaft drive is very smooth.

This bike is great for long distance runs as it rides very smooth, gets good gas mileage and has plenty of high speed capability.

The main reason that I don't part with it is her looks; just a beautiful example of an old school Honda.

Spare parts should be stockpiled though; they're getting harder and harder to find and are not cheap.

In closing I must say that I own big twin Harleys and have always preferred them hands down; I won't say why, you just have to ride em!

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2016

1983 Honda CB1000 Custom


The best bike in the world


Cam chain will break with too many miles.

Always make sure the carbs are clean and synchronized.

Compression drop.

General Comments:

The best bike ever built. I took a 1983 CB1100F and turned my CB1000 Custom into a monster by converting the parts and making them work. I've got the fastest one out there, and the prettiest! Please try to get the dealers to re-manufacture this bike!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2013

9th Oct 2016, 12:13

By now you must know about the CB1100, produced since 2010, but not shipped to NA since 2014. As of late 2016, there are still new 2014 and 2013 bikes in warehouses here in the US.

1983 Honda CB1000 Custom


Best bike Honda ever made


Carbs/jets needed to be cleaned after storage for 7 years. Ethanol does not help.

Stock seat being replaced this year due to cracks. Not very comfortable.

General Comments:

Fun to ride.

Powerful in the high range with two up.

Average 40 mpg.

I chickened out at 120, she was still going strong.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2012

24th Mar 2012, 06:55

I acquired a Honda CB1000 Custom this time last year. It had been stood in a garage for six years. The engine oil was dropped and the fuel tank filled (it was empty), and a new battery fitted. The owner found the keys, and it started on second push of the button with full choke... couldn't believe it! I guess that's Honda engineering for you.

Since then I have had some great road trips, and clocked up a number ;o) miles.

I agree the seat isn't the most comfortable, and it took me a while to get the air suspension right, but it handles great.

I had the old brake hoses replaced with braided ones, and changed the brake fluid too. Braking improved considerably then.

The only thing that spoils my bike is that the LHS side cover/panel is missing, so if any of you guys come across one, please let me know. My machine is black and grey, but don't mind what colour the replacement panel is.

I would also agree that the engine runs perfectly with Shell V-Power fuel ;o)

All in all, a truly great bike... right, I'm off for a ride ;o)

1983 Honda CB1000 Custom


Lots of potential as a long distant runner


Rear caliper seals degraded and caused the pistons to stick out, wearing the rotor, and causing drag.

Front fork seals leaking.

General Comments:

The bike only cost me $700.00.

It's cumbersome compared to the KLR; that was expected.

It needs carb work and detailing this winter.

It had the hanging rear caliper problem that may explain the inconsistent performance issues. If I can find a rear caliper rebuild kit, and get those carbs synced and rebuilt this winter, I'll be looking forward to some great weekend road trips next year!

The only design complaint I have, is at 5'9" I feel like a jockey more than a rider on this bike. I wish I had more leg stretch without having to use the highway pegs.

I agree with the need for a more comfortable seat as well. It traps you in one position. At 57 years old, I need to stretch a little on rides.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2011