1993 Honda CBR1000F


Best I ever owned



General Comments:

This is one fast bike, handles great on corners as well as straightaways. Not a bike for beginners.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2010

1991 Honda CBR1000F


From canyon carving to touring, the CBR is tough to beat


There have been no service issues with any CBR I have owned (this is my fourth).

The cam chain is noisy, but only when cold; sounds great after a warm up.

General Comments:

This is an outstanding all around motorcycle. When you rate handling, braking, etc consider this is a 600lb sport bike that is almost 20 years old. It doesn't do anything exceptional, but from short trips around the block to cross country rides, this bike handles it all.

It could use more wind protection, but compared to other sport bikes, it has plenty. I have seen some replacement windscreens that look like they would correct the problem, but I have never used one.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2010

13th Feb 2011, 08:28

Can anyone tell me what other complete fairing kits will fit on my 1991 Honda CBR 1000f?

20th Aug 2011, 14:51

The Givi windshield does wonders, and really helps.

13th Oct 2011, 21:14

I love my '91. I had a '90 about 15 years ago. I got the itch for another CBR1000F & found one. I added 3/4 Genmar Bar Riser Bushings, a Tourmaster Cortech Tail bag with matching side bags (RED), a throttle lock and some new Michelin Pilot Road tire. Then the fun began. I rode from Southern Illinois to Charlotte, North Carolina by way of the Smokie Mountains. A great performing bike, and very comfortable.

1990 Honda CBR1000F


A Timeless Original


Nothing... usual maintenance.

Changed the stock seat for a Corbin Custom Seat.

General Comments:

These are one great bike. Powerful, smooth and all there when you need it. Something else for a near 20 year old machine.

Super reliable and easy to work on. Can't say enough good things about this near classic machine.

The 1000 F just begs to be ridden hard, and is most enjoyed when doing just that.

Get about 45 mpg when cruising the HWY, and a lot less when burning up familiar twisting local routes here in York Southern Maine.

If you get a chance to snag one of these... Go for it! (usually between 2-3 k depending on miles and condition).

Mine has 2k... a steal, 100% condition, low miles.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

1988 Honda CBR1000F


Most fun I can have with my pants on


I have not had any problems during my period of ownership.

General Comments:

The CBR1000F Hurricane has to be one of Honda of America's best engineering achievements in Honda history.

For a reliable, dependable, fuel efficient, sport touring rocket ship on two wheels, this bike has consistently put smiles on my face over the years.

A little on the heavy side for a liter sport touring bike, but at 70" and 210lbs I prefer a heavier bike to keep a straight line in winds and curves. Point this scooter where you want it to go and hold on. Any hard throttle applications above 6,000 rpm are a reminder to maintain a firm grip and crouch down behind the windscreen.

Not a bike for the novice rider. Excellent overall investment, and with regular Honda Scheduled Service and 2,000-3,000 mile synthetic oil changes, chain lubes, fluid changes, etc... These bikes have gone over 100,000 miles before requiring major service to the engine and xmsn. Easy to believe once you own one and put some miles on them. Mine is 21 years old now and I hope to hold on to it for years to come.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2009

1990 Honda CBR1000F


Tremendous bike for the money!


Nothing gone wrong as of this time. The CBR 1000F seems to be an incredible stable and well engineered bike.

General Comments:

Handles like a champ. Solid as a rock, even a speeding semi truck's wind turbulence doesn't present much of a threat.

The gas mileage could be a bit better, I was getting about 40mpg, riding on the highway at moderate speeds, not handling her hard.

The stock seat takes a little getting used to, so does the wind exposure. I'm spoiled in both aspects, coming from a Concours.

I suppose an adjustment/new windshield with a lip would lower the wind exposure. I'll have to look into that.

After riding her 240 miles in one shot at temps around 40F-45F, I can attest to the reliability of the bike itself, but for long (er) rides, I'd recommend to look at an aftermarket seat that provides a bit more comfort.

The seating position itself isn't all too bad, even for a 6'3" rider. (Think windshield for exposure again)

The CBR 1000F has an quite some power coming through all rpm's, especially considering that she's a 19 year old bike that still looks great from a design aspect.

Overall, the CBR 1000F is a bike that I would not recommend to an inexperienced rider. She may be forgiving to a certain extent, but the power and temptation to handle her like a street racer might be too easy to fall for, for a new rider.

As a bike for an experienced rider, who is looking for a powerful performance bike that can still carry you for hundreds of miles, leaving you wanting more, the CBR 1000F is a certain winner!

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Review Date: 18th March, 2009