1999 Honda GL1500C Valkyrie


Well made motorcycle


The coolant overflow tank dry rotted and leaked.

General Comments:

The Honda Valkyrie is a great bike and fun to ride. It's heavy and as big as a refrigerator. But it has the power, brakes and suspension to handle it. I traded a 1200cc Harley Sportster for the Valkyrie. I've never been sure if that was a good trade. It is very smooth, but freakin horrible on gas. I think I was getting maybe 25 mpg if I rode very gently. If I rode as normal, I got like 20 mpg. When I traded the Valkyrie, I never looked back.

The upside. The Valkyrie handled surprisingly good considering its size and weight. It will carve up a mountain road great. Plus, those big fat tires feel secure in the curves. The power is plentiful. It was my opinion that the Valkyrie wasn't as quick as everyone thinks. Yeah, it's a rocket ship, but not like a sport bike. Which, is what people think. It will smoke most vehicles on the road with ease though.

I had the Honda line windshield and highway pegs. Plus I added saddle bags. I toured on this bike and found it to not be as comfortable as I had hoped. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I had hoped. Better than a Sportster though, way better, way way better. No better than the 1400 Intruder that I traded it in for.

The downside. It's terrible on gas. 5.5 gallons means lots of gas stops on a Valkyrie Custom. Because it gets bad gas mileage and the tank isn't as big as a car, you have to stop a lot. I wouldn't take one of these across the desert. It might be a long push. I didn't like the stock foot peg position. With the big cruiser handle bars, it felt like my feet were too far back. The engine is so huge that the position for your feet on the highway pegs was awkward too. I personally just never warmed up to the Valkyrie. I wanted to.

Overall it's like beer, it's an acquired taste. I did think the Ferrari sound from the Cobra 6x6 pipes was awesome. But, in time, I got over that too.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2012

25th Nov 2012, 10:45

I've owned a 97 Valkyrie for about 5 months, and logged about 4 thousand miles. The bike is awesome, quiet, very smooth, very powerful, and handles great. I average 38 MPG. If you only averaged 25 MPG, something is wrong somewhere.

The Valkyrie out performs any other cruisers I've rode with. I have two brothers; one rides an 06 Softail, and the other an 08 Vulcan. No competition here.


1999 Honda GL1500C Valkyrie


My wife and I are loving the Valkyrie


The only thing wrong when I bought this beautiful bike was the seats. It had sat outside in Iowa for approximately 5 years.

General Comments:

This Valkyrie gets a lot of Harley owners looking at her. With its great looks and power to match, it's hard not to notice.

You don't buy these for gas mileage, but I average 36.5 MPG overall. 32MPG at 85mph.

Winding roads are a blast on the Valkyrie. I fold the pegs all the time, and have yet to drag the pipes.

The flat 6 with the 6 carbs turns heads everywhere.

The only bike that I have owned (all Gold Wings) that is comparable to the Valkyrie, is my 1985 GL1200 Limited.

Enjoy the ride.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2011

1998 Honda GL1500C Valkyrie




This GL-1500 Valkyrie, is possibly the most reliable motorcycle I have ever owned.

I own two of another, more popular, "American Made" motorcycle, but the Valkyrie is just as comfortable as my '07 Ultra, and handles like a sport bike.

My Valkyrie, with its six carbs, is WICKED FAST!!!

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Review Date: 19th March, 2011