1993 Kawasaki ZG1200 Voyager XII


Fast, top heavy, forks tend to shimmy easy, and is low maintenance


Well, it's a very well engineered machine, as every Kawasaki I have owned through the decades has been. Fairly low maintenance machines. After 80,000+ miles, keep some synthetic 20-50 weight oil on hand.

General Comments:

Well, the main issues with this particular bike are that the forks tend to shimmy at take off at times, and when sharp bumps (holes, rocks, etc) are hit. Also, try to keep both hands on the handlebars, as it will start to shimmy a little going down the road sometimes, and could get uncontrollable. I'm looking at adding an aftermarket superbrace to see if that controls the forks shimmy issue.

The other issue is that it is very top heavy. You sit higher than the other full dress 1200+ bikes. Reminds me of my 1960s, and 70s Honda CBs; top heavy and 800-900 lbs, plus a rider sitting even higher, can get to be quite a workout!

Overall, it should still be on the road for much longer, as it's a "Kow", built in Nebraska!

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Review Date: 12th August, 2015

1st May 2016, 03:45

If the front of the bike shimmies, your tires are cupped due to low pressure. If you keep the tire pressure slightly higher, tires will not cup as easy and the bike will be very smooth even if you remove your hands from handle bars briefly. You will notice when tires are brand new there is no tank slapping or shimmying.

4th Sep 2016, 06:59

The Voyager 12 is a wild mustang. Hold on or it will buck you off.

16th Mar 2017, 23:26

Why do you say it will buck you off?? Is it not stable at high speeds?

20th Jul 2017, 17:07

The shimmy problem probably with the front was most likely a tire problem; cupped, low pressure, the tires on a shaft drive cup and cup more on the right side and it's noticeable more if the bike has been driven hard, and if the bike had stock front springs the air pressure might have been low also; you can't use a bicycle tire pump to put air in with, there is a special pump to pump them and the rear air shocks up with; any Harley shop will have one.

And these bikes have a low center of gravity; it's a very nimble bike, yes it's not as low as a sports bike, but it's lower than the other big touring bikes.

The only complaint I have with these bike is the seat; it's 1980's tech. And it gets to you. On long long rides, I got an air seat pad I use.

1986 Kawasaki ZG1200 Voyager XII


Best bike bar none I have ever owned


Alternator replaced at 50000.

Speedometer cable at 45000.

Carburetor number 1 replaced at 46000.

Three rear brake light switches over the 23 years I owned the bike.

General Comments:

I couldn't recommend this bike enough; other than regular routine maintenance, repairs have been extremely minimal.

I'm 6'1" and feel there is plenty of room if you have a spill bar with floor boards, so you can kick back on long trips. Even the clutch is original.

I would honestly jump on this almost 29 year old bike and drive it anywhere with absolutely no reserve.

I also have a matching Kompact Kamp trailer that I tow behind the bike, and have no issues as she has plenty of power to spare.

My Voyager has plenty of custom chrome and has sceneries painted on the bags and trunk, along with wide white wall tires. It's as beautiful as the day I bought it almost 23 years ago. I've won many bike shows with it; even with its dated appearance, she is absolutely a looker.

You can pick these bikes up rather cheap, and I say don't even second guess your purchase. I've seen these go over 200k plus miles.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2014