1993 Kawasaki ZG1200 Voyager XII


Best bang for the buck in touring bikes!!


Fuse box, fuses, carb rebuild when I let it sit too long with old gasoline; nothing other than that.

General Comments:

I bought it after reading numerous reviews and determined it was the cheapest way to get into a touring bike (I wanted all of the amenities), and after reading the club message boards. Everyone liked them! I couldn't beat it for the money paid, and I still feel the same today.

It's a bit cramped for me though (6'2") and wish it was a bit more roomy. Clearly Kawa didn't update virtually anything in its 16 year run, so the competition ran away from it with their newer models. But, the cost to own it dropped all the more over time, and I still like it to this day. Sure, its dated design is evident, but everything works great. No problems with the CB, cassette radio, intercom system, speakers, trunk light, cruise control or anything like that. After adding great tires, fork brace, and progressive shocks, most all of the criticisms that I read about were cured. There's plenty of power and mileage ranges from 37-51!!!

Gripes: saddlebag lids need a connecting wire to the bags themselves, and better locks on them as well. Too little legroom for people 6' or more.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2008

3rd Feb 2011, 18:41

I have owned three of these bikes (two for riding and one is for parts). I agree with everything this reviewer says. For the money though, this bike cannot be beaten. Kawasaki made the same bike for 17 years and only changed the colors. I am running an electrical part from my 1988 parts bike in my 2002 Voyager Xll - I must have 30,000 miles on that part. I am planning on taking this bike to Alaska this summer, and maybe to South America next year. Since this bike is a 1200, it has plenty of power, but IS NOT good for around town - it is too big unless someone wants to work real hard.

26th Apr 2013, 21:34

I am a 200 pound 6 foot male, and this bike is far more nimble than you can believe. I can u-turn in a single lane. Tire pressures play a big part in handling, and rider skill.

5th Sep 2014, 05:27

My email address is raykaighn@gmail.com and I need an answer. I love my Voyager, it is great. But there is a point at about 40mph where if I don't have a firm grip on the handlebars, the front end will start to shimmy back and forth really bad to the point where I am lucky or strong enough to get the bike stopped. And it only does this once in a while. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this???

Thanks, Ray.

10th Sep 2014, 20:12

If you figure out the"Harley" head shake, let us know please! Mine did it this morning, and lucky me it was not bad and at about 40 mph. The other owner changed tires and added a fork SuperBrace, which he said mostly cured it, but not all if you light finger the bars.

22nd Sep 2014, 17:42

A number of factors can contribute to front-end shake. First check the front tire for uneven wear. Some tires will easily start cupping on the front of these big Kawasaki ZG1200s. This might be due to tired fork springs or uneven levels of fork oil in the fork legs. I have found that the main reason for front-end shake is due to worn steering head bearings. So replacing the tire may help, replacing the steering head bearings will probably be the cheapest fix, and have someone check the forks if you're unfamiliar with servicing them. In the meantime, don't let go of the bars.

2000 Kawasaki ZG1200 Voyager XII


Does what it is designed to do, and does it well!


50K - clutch springs wore out, friction disks were still within spec, but slipping on up-shifts, replaced disks and heavier springs.

30K fork seals leaking (nicks and dings on front of fork tubes - use fork tube protection).

15K, 35K, 54K steering stem bearings loose not replaced, just tightened.

General Comments:

Fourth touring bike owned, most fun, least "surprises" - unexpected breakdowns. Went from 3-5k/year (6 months/year) to 10K/year, 11 months of riding (when no-snow in NY).

Strong bulletproof engine, lots of power for a tourer loaded down with kitchen sinks: radio, cassette, CB, bags and trunk, and "barn door" windscreen.

Handling is old style, high COG, but does well with a stiff frame.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2006

23rd Feb 2006, 19:05

The 1200 is the touring bike that will make your buddy who purchased a Goldwing at $18k plus cry for not considering the Kawasaki 1200 Voyager as the best buy for the money..!

I've owned a 2003 model - same as the past models and can't find a better ride. Comfort and room to haul the lady of the house on vacation anywhere.


Tampa, Fla.

14th Jan 2010, 20:27

My experience with my 1988 and my 2002 Kawasaki Voyager Xll has been excellent. I had the 1988 front end rebuilt at about 65,000 miles. I seem to have more problems getting the plastic for the bike than the mechanical parts. The one problem I have is that I cannot locate (in Washington state) any mechanics who have knowledge of these bikes.

I put 26,000 miles on the 1988 and have not complaints. I just bought the 2002, have put 5,000 miles on it and so far, no surprises.

As far as I am concerned, these bikes are well worth the price and effort.

29th Dec 2010, 14:32

Bought a 2nd hand '99 with 84000 km on it.. have put on an additional 16000 km on with no problems. Gets much better mileage than my old 1200GL, and has more power. All the toys still work perfect, and despite being 10 years old and having over 100000 km on it, it still looks good and performs great. Only items replaced this winter were front wheel bearings and plugs. Am going to try and find a low mileage '03 to replace it some day, but for now, it looks like it still has quite a few miles left in it.