1996 MZ Skorpion Sport




Nothing other than regular service items. Chains, sprockets etc.

General Comments:

I must have owned over thirty motorcycles in my life time. This is likely the best handling bike I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2012

7th Apr 2012, 08:46

They are great machines. Where do you get parts for it? I am looking at one for sale here in Fl, and it needs clutch lever, cable, and rear caliper.

Take it easy.

6th Feb 2015, 03:01

Other than body parts, radiator and fans, which are specific to the bike, and are getting hard to find, basically all mechanical parts are readily available through Yamaha dealers; just make sure to order using Yamaha part numbers. Electricals are Japanese Denso, suspension forks are by Paiolli, leaving the brakes, which are Grimeca components, all readily available on the net. If all else fails, eBay Germany is always loaded with parts.

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport



General Comments:

I just finished another adventure ride with friends, and loved the mountain roads that this machine is so talented at.

I am short and have adjusted the height with no problem scraping equipment.

I do however, have some concerns that I may not be able to get parts at some time in the future.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006

23rd Mar 2007, 17:43

MuZ made the Skorpian sport from mostly shelf parts from other manufacturers. For instance, the 660cc motor is from a Yamaha XT660 enduro.

Having owned a 96 Skorpian sport and spending lots of time looking it over, I believe most of the other bits and parts were probably also sourced from other manufacturers, mostly Yamaha, thus parts should be easy to find (assuming you know what they are compatible with).

The motor is solid, so with proper care you really shouldn't ever have to worry about that going bad, and certainly it could be serviced at any Yamaha shop.

I really miss mine, only sold it to help pay for college :(

The handling and brakes on that bike were sooo nice! And the torque from the single cylinder engine makes for a very pleasant ride. Good luck.