2017 Polaris Victory Vegas 8-ball



General Comments:

The original seat is bad; there's a rubber button that pokes the tail bone.

It's fast and when I changed the exhaust it got faster, so you'll have to spend money immediately on a programmer and pipes.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2017

2008 Polaris Victory Vegas 8-ball


Overpriced and overhyped, look closely before you buy!


No major problems.

General Comments:

Really like the styling, get a lot of compliments on the looks.

Motor seems pretty strong, but can't directly speak to the reliability yet (although there is a good reputation). Because of the design, acceleration is pretty weak compared to a comparable Harley.

Transmission is LOUD and really sloppy... feels like you break something inside every time you shift. Also.. you may find it very hard to shift into neutral. This is a common issue.

Rear brakes lock up very easily.

Overall construction is CHEAP. Lotsa plastic and light gauge metal compared to less expensive Harley models. Chrome painted plastic DOES NOT BELONG ON A BIKE THIS EXPENSIVE.

To add insult to injury, the price tag on replacement parts is way outta line ($1200 for a fuel tank!?!?!?).

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2009

19th Sep 2009, 21:51

It makes more power than any Harley except the V-rod and handles better and is completely unique looking. In Canada it is $3000 less than the cheapest Harley and you don't have to go back and spend another $5000 to make it look like you want. HD = Half done...