2012 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive


Good for all types of riding


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Great, best scooter for two up, long or short runs.

The auto trans is better than a car's.

Storage is fantastic. Seat and back rest are not the best, but easy to improve upon.

Great power.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2012

2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive


This is a GREAT bike to own and ride!!!



General Comments:

This bike is just great, and I love to ride it. I ride to work everyday.

This is my second Burgman. I had a Burgman 400. I got a Burgman 650 Exec. last month. Just wanted more power for the freeway.

I also have a 2009 Harley Davidson, Rocker C., but I just love riding the Burgman 650 every day.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2009

2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive


Best bike I have had



General Comments:

Great ride smooth, seat could be softer and the windshield a little taller; will replace both soon.

48 in town, 55 hwy.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive


The most enjoyable means of travel I've ever owned


This is a new bike - no repairs needed.

General Comments:

- Very practical daily transportation.

- Good protection from wind/weather/stones/bugs/etc.

- Reasonable gas mileage depending on driving habits

- Comfortable foot-forward design for rider, spacious seating for passanger.

- 55 liters of storage under the seat and more in the dash.

- Responsive handling in the city or on the highway.

- Powerful, responsive, engine

- State of the art auto transmission.

- Designed for safety: bright lighting, powerful braking with ABS on Exec model, easy to control

- Easy to clean

- Always a joy to ride!

- A class of it's own: No other cycles like it.

Because this style of bike is such a new concept, many people tend relate it to its distant cousin "The Scooter". The 650 Executive has only basic traits in common with it's distant cousin. It's like comparing a Model T Ford to a modern car.

The 650 Burgman, with its SECVT (Suzuki Electronic Constant Velosity Transmission), offers a combination of features no other model bike can offer. I've had two Burgman 400's (also great bikes) and moved up to the 650 Executive. I say up because it takes the performance and capabilities of the 400 to a higher level and crosses the line from scooter to its own class of bike.

The 650 Exec. offers ABS, an electrically adjustable windshield, and retractable mirrors. A more powerful and responsive engine/transmission that are frame mounted.

This all comes at a hit on your MPG, but with the right driving habits, you can still get in the mid 50's MPG.

There is not one style of bike that is right for everyone. But if you had to design an all around excellent means of transportation that includes touring, sporting, style and comfort... this bike is hard to beat.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2009

5th Jul 2010, 09:19

SECVT stands for Suzuki Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission, not "Constant Velocity" as stated in your review. I agree that it is in a class by itself!

5th Sep 2010, 21:08

Thank you for the excellent review.

I own a 2007 Burgman 400, and agree with your statement about them. They are a great bike in their own right.

I have also spent substantial time sitting on and playing with the Executive. What a nice bike.

After I run my Burgman into the ground, I plan to get an Executive. I love the extra room, the comfort of seating, storage, height adjustable windscreen and virtually everything about the "scoot".

Keep us posted on how it goes with the Executive please?

Thank you,


29th Jul 2011, 09:14

The Yamaha Tmax is much better handling than the Burgman, plus the Tmax looks better; the back tail on the Burgman is ugly, where the Tmax tail looks sporty.

10th Jan 2012, 16:44

I agree with this commentator, but the bike is not, and never will be desirable until a high quality audio system is incorporated into its construction!