1996 Triumph Sprint 900


A lovely-looking, relatively reliable new classic with plenty of power, but poor low-speed handling


The ignition coils failed after about 8 years, as did the ignition pickup coil. Very common with T3 Triumphs.

At about 12,000, clogged carburetors caused running failure.

General Comments:

A beautiful-looking bike that draws attention everywhere.

Quite top-heavy, which makes slow handling difficult.

Very tall - if you're short it's tough to get your feet on the ground. However, the bike can be lowered 1-2 inches by rotating the rear axle 180 degrees and slipping the fork tubes up.

Lovely on the highway.

Bulletproof motor.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2007

29th Jul 2009, 13:40

Is there a weight requirement for riding a 1996 Sprint?

Can someone who weighs 320 lbs safely operate this bike?

17th Oct 2009, 17:25

Should not be a problem. Two up skinny people with gear is more than 320.

1996 Triumph Sprint 900


Sturdy roadster, plenty of power with now classic styling


Really nothing has gone wrong. The only thing not working is the tachometer, but that was from a collision with some livestock (see below).

General Comments:

I bought this bike as a wreck, the previous owner hit a 9-point buck (about 200 lbs of deer) at 50 MPH and laid the bike down on the right side. I had the front end rebuilt with new fork tubes and pieced the rest of it together from parts on eBay. Once the forks were back on, the bike rode like an absolute arrow.

These are well built, sturdy and heavy bikes. Perhaps a bit over-engineered, but Triumph was concerned for quality more than the average bike-builder at the time. I have spoken to guys who have hit guardrails at 70 MPH with these early Hinckley Triumphs like this one, and have been able to ride them another 400 miles. I think I may keep this bike forever, it's been so reliable.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2007

1995 Triumph Sprint 900


Great sleeper bike, fun to ride and inexpensive. Fast..


Rear brake solenoid switch.

Front head light.

Dash instrumentation light.

Front fork seals.

The usual stuff.

General Comments:

Excellent bike. Low cost to buy, maintain, etc.

On eBay it will sell for under $3000, but is a sleeper best-buy deal. These Triumphs are some of the best bikes on the road, bar-none. I have the hard bags, fairing and windshield.

This bike has it all. Good looks, good acceleration, reliability, handling, reputation, longevity, etc..

The seat is good for a couple of hours, but on day trips up to 400 miles, it will hurt.

The triple performs flawlessly around town, or on long road trips. It is fast enough to "grab a spot" in heavy freeway traffic, idles fine, doesn't overheat with the water cooled engine, and fires up easily after a long winter nap. I run gas cleaner every other tank, synthetic oil and 89 octane.

The dealer here in Ohio gave me a 46 tooth sprocket replacement when I changed the chain. Big mistake. It takes a 43 tooth, and runs at about 5000rpm at 80mph.

I called a machine shop before I bought it. They said this triple is an excellent motor. Some have gone 200,000 miles with no work done, top or bottom end. When I drive to DC each May for Rolling Thunder, I pass lots of bikes on the side of the road being towed, as they breakdown. Not this bike. It is a great bike! Fun to ride, great looking and reliable.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2007

28th May 2010, 06:21

I agree, purchased one new in 1995 including triumph hard panniers. Will never sell it, done 90,000km in excellent order. HK Victoria Australia.

22nd Jun 2013, 02:05

I bought a 95 (carby) Triumph Sprint in 2012 with only 8K on the clock. Immaculate condition. Carbys stripped/cleaned & synched.

Runs great. Many trips. Clocked another 8K in 2013 total. What a great bike. Had my licence for 40 years and a bucket list dream.