1995 Triumph Sprint 900 from United States of America


A delightful bike; sturdy for daily riding, and fun for fair weather friends


There are only three items that come to mind when I think of what is 'wrong' about my '95 Sprint. None of them affects the bike in motion so they are more annoyances than systemic problems.

One: I have reached that mile stone of many fellow Sprint riders my ignition system failed. Prior to the failure, the only start up problem I had was a drained battery from long winter rests. The blessing of ignition failure is that the bike is not in motion when the problem arises, except if you stall from user error (as I did), and the system decides to quit on a trip, you're walking or waiting for help.

Two: If I leave the Sprint in the hot sun, no shade and high humidity with a half or less tank of fuel, the choke doesn't work properly because a vacuum seem to be created. If the vent on the tank is whistling like a banshee, I now open the fuel lid to release the pressure. The back pressure created stalls the bike within 200 feet of the starting point. Open the fuel lid, wait a couple minutes, and you're good to go with no more stalls.

Three: The kick stand switch gets stuck. When the stand is put up, the switch doesn't completely extend this, then shuts the bike off as it is put into first gear and the clutch is released. On dryer days, here in Virginia, the switch is less sticky. I have a habit now to check its extension and pull it out, if need be, prior to engaging the clutch / gear sequence.

General Comments:

This is the second motorcycle I have owned, and I did a fair amount of research prior to the purchase. I find it to be a comfortable bike due to its height (I am 6'-1"), seat and handle bar height, but on a long ride, 250 miles or more, both become more noticeable.

If I was to buy another motorcycle tomorrow, I would definitely stick with the Triumph Sprint; it is engineered well, and designed to please the everyday rider.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2007

1995 Triumph Sprint 900 from United States of America


Great sleeper bike, fun to ride and inexpensive. Fast..


Rear brake solenoid switch.

Front head light.

Dash instrumentation light.

Front fork seals.

The usual stuff.

General Comments:

Excellent bike. Low cost to buy, maintain, etc.

On eBay it will sell for under $3000, but is a sleeper best-buy deal. These Triumphs are some of the best bikes on the road, bar-none. I have the hard bags, fairing and windshield.

This bike has it all. Good looks, good acceleration, reliability, handling, reputation, longevity, etc..

The seat is good for a couple of hours, but on day trips up to 400 miles, it will hurt.

The triple performs flawlessly around town, or on long road trips. It is fast enough to "grab a spot" in heavy freeway traffic, idles fine, doesn't overheat with the water cooled engine, and fires up easily after a long winter nap. I run gas cleaner every other tank, synthetic oil and 89 octane.

The dealer here in Ohio gave me a 46 tooth sprocket replacement when I changed the chain. Big mistake. It takes a 43 tooth, and runs at about 5000rpm at 80mph.

I called a machine shop before I bought it. They said this triple is an excellent motor. Some have gone 200,000 miles with no work done, top or bottom end. When I drive to DC each May for Rolling Thunder, I pass lots of bikes on the side of the road being towed, as they breakdown. Not this bike. It is a great bike! Fun to ride, great looking and reliable.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2007

28th May 2010, 06:21

I agree, purchased one new in 1995 including triumph hard panniers. Will never sell it, done 90,000km in excellent order. HK Victoria Australia.

22nd Jun 2013, 02:05

I bought a 95 (carby) Triumph Sprint in 2012 with only 8K on the clock. Immaculate condition. Carbys stripped/cleaned & synched.

Runs great. Many trips. Clocked another 8K in 2013 total. What a great bike. Had my licence for 40 years and a bucket list dream.