1987 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer


Nimble rocket that will go down in motorcycle history books


Have not had anything go wrong in 20k with the exception of tires and oil changes.

General Comments:

Very fast and nimble bike.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2010

6th Jun 2012, 02:09

I have owned this bike for years, 45k miles and still runs strong :) Handles amazing through the canyons at 80 mph, great gas mileage 45+. All you need to do is throw on new lights, and this bike will look better than any of the other bikes they're pumping out these days.

12th Dec 2012, 19:11

Does anyone know what is the maximum tire sizes that you can go with? I am thinking the front can take a 120/70 and the rear can go between 150/85 & 150/80 because the swingarm is narrow. Would appreciate your help, as she needs some new sneakers to provide additional confidence. ;o) alhrocks@gmail.com if you could let me know.

31st Jan 2013, 14:31

I just put on:

Metzeler - ME 880 Marathon Touring Rear Tire Size - 150/80VB-15 SKU #53133

Metzeler - Lasertec Bias Sport Touring Front Tire Size - 110/90V-16 SKU #97376

Before that I rode:

IRC Durotour

150/90/15 Rear

100/90/16 Front

Only got a few miles on my new Metzelers due to a fuel problem I'm working on.

Hope this helps!

6th Jun 2013, 02:04

This rider hit the nail on the head. I've owned around 40 motorcycles over the years, and my '87 Fazer is one of my favorites.

I think there are many riders who want sport bike motors and high tech goodies without the back pain. This bike comes very close to satisfying that criteria.

If it had 17 inch tires, fuel injection and 750cc, it would be right in the hunt today, and probably sell very nicely. Are you listening Yamaha?

1987 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer


A privilege to own such a machine


To be honest, I have no complaints whatsoever about this bike; I love it.

I've never owned something for 3 years and never had a breakdown. Normal maintenance, clutch, chain etc.

General Comments:

I love everything about it, I just wish I could make it more comfortable. I get very fatigued after long rides, back pains, legs going numb, ass hurts. Around town I would never sell this bike.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2009

1987 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer




Over heads at red lights.

General Comments:

A word of warning on the Fazer top speed. This bike will go way faster than the handling. What I mean is it accelerates like a crotch rocket and handles like a cruze. It will not turn at high speed and will not slow down like a GXSR. Be careful, there are many a story of experienced riders crashing these bikes.

I love mine, no matter where I park it people stop and check it out. If I go to a "biker bar", it's not uncommon to see people with their backs to a 20k Harley looking at my 2500 Yama. (Too much fun).

Love them or hate them, everyone has a comment about the Fazer.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2009

16th Jul 2010, 10:01

Time to install a FZR600 front end with 17 inch wheel, 300mm rotors and 4 pot calipers; bolts right on. 90 and later will fit.

For the rear, get an XJR 1300 swingarm and wheel; will bolt right up, and now you have high speed handling and braking, and that bulletproof FZX engine. When people ask what model it is, you can then say it's a FZX700R.

Good luck, find out more on the Yahoo FZX forum. Phil.

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer


An amazing machine


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This is an amazing motorcycle, way ahead of its time. The acceleration from this engine is unreal, you have power in every gear in almost every RPM range, not to mention the sound that this engine makes puts a smile on your face.

A real sharp looker as well; you just don't see a motorcycle like this anymore, you get sportbike performance but with a standard seating position comfort.

Handling and braking are great when you consider when this motorcycle was manufactured, it's 22 years old. This bike will run circles around most of the newer bikes made today.

If you can find one with not too many miles and in decent shape, pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2008

19th Nov 2008, 11:35

What kind of gas mileage does this bike get?

26th Jan 2009, 18:35

Around 50MPG if you can keep your wrist steady!! It's very difficult when you crack the throttle open for the rush of acceleration it provides (grin!)

22nd May 2009, 13:15

I believe that you mean 50MPG.

4th Oct 2009, 08:43

What is the top speed of a Fazer? Where can I check to see the vin number = 700 cc. I need a rear brake disc (rotor).



6th Nov 2009, 15:39

I am the original owner of a 86 Fazer. I get people wanting to buy often (even though she's not runnin' now) I need my carbs rebuilt. But on pump gas I got a top speed of 135 mph.

13th Jun 2010, 01:31

I just found and bought my 2nd Fazer. Someone painted it purple and lost the emblems, and the lady I bought it off of got scared, hit a curb, bending the front rim and broke her hand, but all is well.

I love these bikes, and about the rear rotor; when I checked in to them, there was only one left in California, and they wanted $200.00 for it, so I bought the right front rotor and put it on the rear, and it works fine.

The top speed depends on the gears you've got on it I guess, because I got mine up to 155mph and I have a ticket to prove it LOL...

Well good luck to you all, and keep that Fazer alive.

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer


I'd like to own a third Fazer!


I've owned two FZX700 Fazers; nothing went wrong with the first one that I bought brand new in 1987. The second one I owned (in 2000) needed a little electrical work, about $500 worth.

General Comments:

Power to spare, and its engine has a killer sound. Some call the Fazer the Baby V-Max; I've owned the V-Max too, and I say the V-Max is the Fazer Senior. It is very comfortable to ride conservatively, makes a great commuter. It is rock solid at freeway speeds - unlike the Honda Nighthawk 650 which was a little 'wobbly' up front on the highway, not my favorite sensation.

I'm told that even though the engines and valve assemblies are complicated, they're rated to go high miles.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2008

4th May 2008, 10:51

Do you know the horsepower/top speed of this bike?

18th May 2008, 22:24

I had one and it went 147, but don't remember if it was before or after I had it piped and jetted. From what I read the hp is somewhere between 69 and 80?

1st Jun 2008, 22:45

Long live the FAZER... Truly a rolling piece of art...