17th Nov 2005, 12:27

Rubbish... the RS50 is a good bike, a great bike even...

"The key snapped in the ignition and I had to replace it."

Probably your own fault... I know a lot of guys with RS50`s and I`m a member of a lot of Aprilia forums, and I have -never- heard of anyone snapping a key in the ignition...

"The bike used to splutter when driving, which caused a lot of smoke to come from the exhaust."

LOL... never heard of a air screw? (that's what its called in dutch anyway)... just adjust the carb a bit, would have fixed your problem, probably just running rich.

"The front brake just went (don't know why)."

Also rubbish... Aprilia has one of the best brakes in the 50cc moped class, will out-brake a Yamaha TZR of Derbi GPR anytime... probably just went because you abused it...

"Front headlight went."

Can happen to any bike... has nothing to do with the Aprilia, but the lightbulb.

"It sounded like a hedge trimmer"

Hehe... what did you expect... it's a 50cc 2 stroker... of course it sounds like a hedge trimmer :P if you want sound, buy an Aprilia RSV-R... (a performance exaust does make a big difference to the sound of a RS50... I have a Fasmem duo, sounds great.)

Anyhow... I totally disagree with your review... the RS50 is a great fun bike, well-built and reliable... and keep in mind, it's just a moped, compare it to any other moped and it will own it...

23rd Jan 2006, 21:52

Agree that those faults were almost certainly caused by abuse, but the Aprilia outbreaking a Derbi GPR is nonsense. The Derbi's superior brakes and suspension outperforms the RS everytime ;)

26th Feb 2007, 14:32

I have a 1998 Aprilia RS 50 and I have never had any of the problems you have claimed it has. Neither the front or back brake have ever failed me, and the key wouldn't snap in the ignition unless I hit it with a hammer. The exhaust is practically smoke free.

I think you just don't know how to maintain your bike mate, and if you can find a 50cc bike that sounds as nice as a proper bike, please let me know about it.

9th Jan 2008, 08:26

Ha ha, it is a 2 stroke, there is meant to be smoke. Funnily enough hedge trimmers are also 2 strokes; that's why it sounds like one!

I have ridden a few RS50s and I think they are in the top two 50cc bikes. My bike is a very highly modified Derbi GPR, however the brakes are almost identical to the RS50, so I think the stopping distances would be about the same for the Derbi and the Aprilia.

I did find the chassis and suspension was not as stiff on the Aprilia when really pushing the bikes hard round corners, and being quite tall, the leg recesses in the tank were not long enough.

The Derbi engine is better as far as I'm concerned. It is more powerful as standard than the RS50, and even with light modifications such as exhaust, sprockets and reeds, the Derbi comes out on top.

I do like the alloy frame on the Aprilia, which makes it a little bit lighter than the older Derbi GPRs, but I don't think it is such a stiff chassis.

12th Jun 2008, 16:10

I have a 1997 Aprilia RS50, and although it has an arrow exhaust, it won't top 50 mph. I think it should do more. Anyone got any idea`s except the spark plug.

29th May 2009, 15:49

Does your 97 Aprilia take a while to start? If so, take out the spark plug after checking your compression. If it's low, add some ep90 straight into the barrel. If the bike starts easier and has more compression, you have worn piston rings. The oil puts a lubricating coating on them, causing them to have a bit more compression. It won't last for long, so you would be better changing them. It's not too expensive if you get parts and do it yourself.

3rd Dec 2009, 17:58

Hmmm my F****** key snapped today on my 98 RS. My fault though, unknowingly used a re bent key, and my barrel shutter had died, and therefore let water in, so it was ridiculously stiff as well. Oh and I also blew 3 fuses :@. Off to the garage tomorrow.

10th Oct 2010, 11:39

I worked for several years as a motorcycle mechanic, and from a lot of the comments on two strokes, the plug fouling problems and poor performance/excessive smoke issues are due to the way the factory jets the carb to make it through the warranty period, and that is rich!

Putting in a hotter plug to prevent fouling is not the way to solve this problem.

Proper final tuning will make plug fouling history, make the engine last longer and provide an amazing difference in performance. For example, turning the air screw left or right should cause the engine to start losing rpm, with the highest rpm somewhere in the middle. If it doesn't you need to change your idle jet so it can. The air screw is merely the fine adjustment.

Changing the needle and its position in the slide can take several weeks of test riding to nail down an optimum arrangement. I've had to make needles to suit when I ran alcohol as a fuel.

All in all, without proper knowledge of what you are doing, you can make some expensive mistakes, and it would very well worth it to hunt down someone down who has the ability to do so. Try to find a racing mechanic or tuner to consult, and buy him lunch.

27th Aug 2012, 04:02

Hi, sounds like you know what you talking about. I have an Aprilia 50 99 plate. It says Rally on the side, but I can't find it on net anywhere. It smokes like a trooper; smells like oil, not coolant. Have burnt the exhaust to get rid of all the carbon. Still the same. Tried screws on carb, looks like the oil pump is behind the coolant pump. Has the oil pump got any adjustments on it before I take it to bits?

Cheers, Rot.