2006 Big Dog Mastiff from Lithuania


Brutal, loud and attractive


Front brake disc loosened up, carburetors needle worn out, generator worn out, other minor issues.

Because of very strong engine vibrations, there's always a high tendency for something to loosen up.

General Comments:

With 1900cc engine and light body, it is brutally fast. But the word "brutal" would be the best to describe any of its characteristics really.

It's not comparable with any of the Japanese Valkyries, VTX's or the Rocket III... It's a bare bone, hard core American chopper.

The long wheelbase, wide rear tire, hard suspension, exploding and vibrating engine, and unnatural seating position (well, here it really depends on what handlebars and foot pegs you put on it) make it a very unique ride.

Once you tame it, you'll probably love it. I remember when first riding it I was more than terrified!.. But after some time it all starts to make sense, and more over - it delivers a dose of good emotions!

Try it for a change!

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th May, 2014