1989 BMW K 100 LT from United Kingdom


The BMW K100 LT is an excellent all year round comfortable and reliable motorcycle


ABS rear modulator failure.

General Comments:

This is my second BMW K100 LT during the past ten years.

I have travelled to Switzerland from Berkshire in one day covering 660 miles in total comfort. These bikes are very reliable, easy to maintain and all parts are readily available. The fairing keeps you insulated from the weather, but legs will get hot during the hottest summer days, so wearing protective summer pants is effective.

The motor gives buzzes slightly at around 3200 to 3800, which equates to 50 mph, but is part of the character. At the all important road speeds, she is very smooth on the handlebars providing the throttle bodies are properly balanced.

The 5th gear roll on acceleration from 50 mph is both impressive.

Brakes are adequate though most owners will replace master cylinders and hoses due to age rather than mileage. Due to excellent low speed fueling, the bike is wonderful around town, coupled with a nice clutch and gearbox action.

Periodical lubrication on clutch actuating parts keeps things nice and light.

The bike is no lightweight, but sits on the road very nicely.

With BT 045 tyres back and front and a decent rear shock absorber, the K100 LT can be hustled along at speed with confidence.

The headlights are excellent, as are the twin horns. Indicator controls are unique to BMW, but you get used to them.

I manage around 48MPG at motorway speeds, and the engine uses very little oil with the correct viscosity.

If you need a bike for long distances, one which keeps the weather off you and allows you to arrive feeling relaxed, then perhaps you might consider one of these. They may not be totally modern in terms of design or equipment, but they do a wonderful job.

Do I need a different bike, no.

Each to their own, but this bike does everything I need, and I love it.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2016

16th Apr 2017, 02:36

Thank you for the comments.

21st Jul 2020, 11:08

I bought this motorcycle in 1991 (new).

One of the last 1000 cc / 8 valve. Newer version: 1100 cc / 16 valve.

Now the counter is at 145,000 km (2020) and it still drives like new.

Over the years I have replaced the rear shock absorber with a "nivomat", replaced the fixed windshield with an electric adjustable version, replaced the clutch plate and renewed the valve stem seals last year.

Distribution chain and sprockets were still like new.

The chain guides and tensioner have been renewed.

A few years ago my clutch cable broke. Furthermore, no problems in all those 29 years!

Do I want a different motorcycle? ... what other motorcycle!

Happy touring, Twan/Netherlands.

1987 BMW K 100 LT from United States of America


Very competent tourer; can get too hot in summer


Hard to shift at times. Adjusting the clutch helped a little, but still have some problems - might be spline time.

General Comments:

The first big bike I have owned at around 600lb. Previous bike was a 480lb CB650. Took a little getting used to, but now I hardly notice it.

A very competent and predictable bike to ride. My only complaint would be that it seems too easy to lock the back brake due to the shaft drive.

Very brisk acceleration; can keep up with anything, even in the turns.

Easily pulls in a high gear from low speeds; third seems capable of 0-100mph; a great bike for living in traffic.

I am a little disappointed with the 48-50mpg on 87 gas; I thought I would get more.

Biggest problem is HEAT; riding in 100'F behind the fairing your legs cook. Taking the lower fairing off helps. Looking forward to fall/winter riding where the engine heat will be welcome.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2007

1st Mar 2008, 09:31

BMW K 100 LT.

I have purchased 3 k bikes in the past 12 years. First one is the popular 85 K100RT, which I added 95,000 miles to in 7+ years. The next Beemer was the K100LT. Rode that for 83,000 miles in 4+ years.

Third bike I am working on now is the K1100RS with the 16 valve head.

These machines need the higher octane fuel. Congratulations on getting close to 50 MPG on 87 octane!

I wonder if the fuel injection plug is in the harness? When it is installed I can get almost 50 MPG. However it's only recommended when you are riding 4000 feet above sea level.

These bikes as well as most heavy touring bikes will get you from point A to point B.

I suggest finding the web site, www.bmwmoa.org or www.ibmwr.org for the valuable information that will help you in the care and finding people who love these machines!


260,000 miles on 5 BMWs.

22nd Mar 2011, 00:56

I have a 1987 K100RT, and I only get about 41 MPG with 95/98 octane. Spirited mountain road riding using the full rev range, but still not nearly as good as your economy.

A website that lists the economy of various bikes, reckons the K100's get about 36 MPG.

21st Sep 2018, 04:46

I'll guess it may be the difference between US and Imperial gallons? The fellow quoting the higher mileage numbers was using Imperial gallons, which are 20% larger than US gallons. 4.55L vs 3.8L.