21st Apr 2010, 01:44

April 20, 2010.

I am the (2nd) owner of a 79 R100RT that I salvaged about 3 years ago. I repainted the frame, replaced battery cradle and brake rotors, and had it resprayed in classic BMW colors.

As the odometer had quit working many years ago, I am not certain what the mileage would be. I have put at least 6000km on it over the past 3 years.

I had to fix the windshield myself as I felt a $500 pricetag for a windshield imported from Germany was just too steep.

I had a 1978 R80/7 back in the eighties, which was a wonderful bike for everyday commuting, so when I found the R100RT, I wanted it real badly for the nostalgia.

I have since acquired a K1200LT which is an absolute dream machine. I must admit, although the ride on the R100RT is very firm after a trip on the LT, it still has the true feel of a comfortable tourer with great handling. Keep on Beeming!!

AJS, Alberta, Canada.

30th Mar 2012, 10:04

Hi, I have a quick question. I just bought a 1979 1000 cc BMW, and wanted to find out what was best oil to put in it, and the oil capacity in the bike? Also, what air filter to buy for it?

24th Sep 2012, 21:36

Hi - I just go with what Oak (AirheadBeemersClub) says: if he says do it, I do it, if he says don't, I don't -- keeps it simple... He is really big on Golden Spectro 4 oils (usually have to go to Honda type shops) - that's what I do, always worked out great.

Good luck. Philip (1975 R/75/6, 1979 R100rt..)

24th Jun 2014, 13:04

I bought my 1979 R100RT, with original white seat and smoke red fairing with gold pin striping, from the 1st owner a year ago and absolutely love it. It is a comfortable ride all year round, although a bit hot in summer if wearing full kit, ATGAT. It had 45 000 Km on the clock when I got it, and apart from a new battery and tires, it runs like a Swiss watch. Long distance two up, it is a pleasure, and even in traffic it is very enjoyable except if you have to stop a lot; those big cylinder heads do get hot.

It is a bit on the heavy side regarding fuel consumption compared to my 2008 F650GS, but it is a lot cheaper than my Ford Double Cab 4x4 with V6 carburettor engine. The bike does about 12 Km to the liter, thus I can easily cruise 350 Km between fuel stops, but in town I only get 200 Km before I have to go on reserve; it is really made for long distance cruising, and the gears (original) are a bit long for town driving.

Parts are easy to obtain from our local BMW Motorat supplier, and maintaining it is very straight forward if you follow the maintenance manual carefully. I am a qualified aircraft engineer and ATPL pilot; I can read and follow the instructions. Even the tires are cheap; both wheels are the same price as one for the F650GS.

The only complaint I have is the brakes are not the greatest, but if you drive properly, it should not be a problem.

With the original panniers, I can pack enough luggage for my wife and I for a whole weekend, and still have space to spare in the two cubby holes in the fairing for snacks and drinks.

I recently added a 12v cigarette socket and a bracket for my iPhone, and can now navigate and listen to music through my Cardo Q1 intercom system and talk to my wife; this is as good as it gets. I also added a heavy duty switch for the headlight to save the battery when starting, and the small running light single bulb above the headlight was replaced with a 6 LED light strip; much brighter and reliable.

Karel Jankowitz, Namibia.

3rd Mar 2018, 13:02

Reading your comments on the R 100 RT.

I had an R 100 CS with the full RS fairing in 2001 - 2003. I loved the bike, but sold it as I didn't use it enough. Now aged 72, I need a R 100 RT to get out & away, so am looking around for a reasonable buy to get smart and disappear. What is involved converting to a twin spark? Would any BMW bike dealer do this mod? Bikes like the R100RT come up for sale fairly often in SA. Missed one that was standing in a warehouse for many years. Snooze, you lose!