20th Oct 2006, 06:05

A BMW 1100rs seems more the bike for a person looking for a unit designed for a operator with normal reaction skills, and the slower acceleration is a blessing when it's equal to normal; safe; proper acceleration.

It's a good safe bike - if I had to choose a bike for a loved one to travel on... which I would never do... I would feel better with this.

I've owned 11 bikes starting in 72 to 06, if that means anything of value.

11th Jul 2008, 21:08

OK, OK.. this bike is great, I have owned a BMW R1100 RS for more than 12 years, also I have more bikes BMW R1150 GS, 1200GS, R100 Paris Dakar, etc..

This bike has really good acceleration 0-60 mph 4.1 seconds.. It's is a pretty decent time considering a bike that was built back in 94. This people are comparing to 2003 and so on bikes... I would suggest you to compare any bike with the BMW K1200s. If you find that boring..??

You have really good extras that come with this bike.. ABS brake system on both wheels, also rear suspension regulator.

Overall this is a really comfortable bike with good acceleration, braking system and the world class proven boxer engine that would give you no problem at all.

4th Aug 2008, 03:15

I bought my 1100RS in 1998, it had one previous owner and 36000 miles on the clock. It came with all its history, this is a must have with any vehicle.

I have ridden this fantastic machine everywhere, from small country villages to very big cities and have enjoyed every mile. My motorcycle is my friend, it treats me with respect and it loves me and I love it.

I get 48 miles to the gallon at 70 miles an hour, she will cruise at 90 all day long with reliability and safety because the engineering is superb, and above all the rest she looks as good as new.

16th Nov 2008, 23:39

I had returned to riding bikes after nearly 20 years of being the family man, last bike was the BMW 90/6 and the R 1100 RS was a shape I always liked. Got one in immaculate condition, in black, and love it.

There is an oil leak from the sump where I cannot detect, the master cylinder had a leak, on the tank of course, the gear box rattles like it's full of ball bearings when in neutral, the tail shaft leaked oil, costing a bomb to fix on account that the bolts were seized, it has a terrible turning circle when walking it, it's not the fastest bike on the road, but keeps up pretty good.

All complaints aside, a classic shape and fun to ride Yahoo.

29th Nov 2008, 10:38

I own an 1995 R1100RSL (L-lower fairing) It is the best bike I have owned over Honda, Harley, Suzuki. It rocks. At 130mph it handles like a champ (requires a chip to go over 130mph). The motor is bullet proof. I can ride it like I stole it or just cruise. BMW is by far the best motorcycle manufacturer. They thought of everything and high performance and quality; just like their superior cars.

11th Apr 2010, 18:37

I've owned an R1100RSL since August, 1993. My bike is probably one of the first of this style to come over from Germany. To say I'm ecstatic over this bike would be an understatement. I would never sell this bike. It handles like a dream and is as good for a "30 minute vacation" as it is for a 12 hour ride. It gets positive comments from everyone who sees it, and I'm pleased with the build quality.

Yes, the gearbox rattles and the bike surges a bit (though that has been mitigated to some degree by my mechanic) but, overall, would you rather ride this, a Harley or some nondescript Japanese bike?

This will still be a sought-after bike 35 years from now. How many bikes can you say that about? I also have a 1972 R75/5 toaster, which I also love for its classic design.

19th Nov 2011, 14:35

I so agree. I have a 95 R1100 RSL that I bought new in London and smuggled over to the US 12 years ago. Now all legal (sort of), and it will always be my classic!

19th Jan 2012, 04:56

I bought this bike 3 months ago, and absolutely love it.

It's fairly quick, comfortable and safe. Even when pushing it harder than you intended, it remains stable.

It's light and nimble around town, and gives good mileage if ridden sensibly.

What's not to like about this bike?

20th Jan 2012, 14:39


I rode my "new" '96 R1100RSl home in the rain last night, feeling great! My question/comment is that I did feel something that may qualify as a "surge". What and when is surging felt? Thanks!


22nd Jul 2015, 18:33

I've owned just about everything from BSA to Zundap, both new and used. My black 1995 RSL is the one I'll never sell. The design gets more beautiful as the years pass, and riding more pleasant as the miles add up. There is a chip available that absolutely eliminates the surging we keep hearing about, and also an upgrade for the ABS, although the brakes are so strong I've never gone into ABS mode. If I get too old to ride it, I'll park it in the house as art... CC.