2003 BMW R 1200 CL from Canada


Great fun bike when it’s working properly


BMW did horrible job with their chrome. Most of it had to be replaced within the first 2 years. Thankfully the warranty covered it. When it needed replacement again, they said no.

This is a summer only driven bike that’s always covered and in my carport when not in use. I do live on Vancouver Island and it's surrounded by salt water, but still, this bike doesn’t go out in the ocean, so rusting shouldn’t be happening. I even spoke to a representative at BMW Canada in Toronto Ont and he basically told me I was on my own. You’ll notice that BMW doesn’t have much chrome on any of their bikes after 2005.

My ABS unit has gone out and BMW wants many thousands to replace it because it has electronic servos. They were absolutely awesome when they worked. The front fork coating peeled off years ago. Also, now my chrome forks are pitting and it’s just a matter of time until they tear a fork seal and start leaking oil. I start it a few times a year just to keep things moving as I haven’t driven it since the ABS unit went out, 4 years ago. Now, when I start it, the revs slowly creep up and it won’t kick down. The heated handgrips are all split now as if they’d been left in the elements, which is far from the case.

I love my bike and when it was just a few weeks old, I had the dealer put the BMW Rockster 1200 cam in my bike. We dynoed it and came up with 16.5 more horsepower at the rear wheel. What a difference!!

I can say, I found the bike to be very comfortable and the heated seats work excellent.

I’m at a point now where, I either invest thousands in repairs, or I cut my losses and look at another bike all together.

The motor and trans are about the only salvageable/saleable pieces at only 41K on them.

I know it’s going to cost me upward of 6-7K to fix a bike that is only worth 5-6K at best when completed.

General Comments:

- Be prepared to shell out $$.

- Dealership led me to believe they hold their value like a Harley. A great untruth.

- Rode through some fierce rainstorms (no ringer) with this bike. Only my crotch got wet from the rain running down the tank.

- Top heavy when full of fuel.

- Love the heel/toe shifter & the power assist linked front and back brakes. Just bloody expensive to fix it when it goes down.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2021

2003 BMW R 1200 CL from Canada




Blown fuse for the running lights.

General Comments:

I've been riding a bike with a sidecar for over 28 years. Needed to get a little used to a 2 wheeler, but I just love the ride.

Well balanced and very comfortable. It's not a loud bike, but it has the power to ride the speed limit in any terrain with any bike out there.

It was a good fit for me and it made me fall in love with riding again. I may be 52, but it puts a smile on my face and makes me feel 22 every time I go out on the road (freedom).

Be safe all - see you on the road EH...

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2020

7th Dec 2020, 18:47

I'm glad to see a positive review. I just bought one with 22000 miles. It's my first cruiser, and I bought it simply because it's comfortable and fit my budget.

"Underpowered" seems to be the common theme of all reviews. While it's not a racing machine, there's adequate power for my riding style.

I hope to be able to keep in touch with other R1200 "Cruise Liner" riders.

Cruise on!


30th Sep 2021, 17:35

I acquired a 2004 BMW R 1200 CL in September of 2020. Having now rode the motorcycle for exactly one year and put 8000 miles on it, I can honestly say it has been a great motorcycle. Very comfortable and reliable. My wife doesn't hesitate to get on the back of this motorcycle and ride long distance with me. That is an added plus.

As far as being underpowered, I have never had an issue keeping up with other motorcycles in the group. Also people need to realize this is a big touring bike; it's not designed to be fast. It's got torque where you need it and will move 2 people along with luggage without any issues whatsoever. At times you feel like this thing could tow a trailer.

13th Nov 2021, 12:24

Just bought mine last month. 12,000 miles on her. Had it fully serviced by the dealer. First cruiser for me. My other bike is a Kawasaki z900rs so it's a bit of a pace change. Really like it though. Particularly when it's cold! Didn't know it at the time I bought it that this bike is either hated or loved! Loved in Europe; not so much in the States.