2001 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 from Netherlands




Lost an engine support bolt after 6000 KM!

Luckily it landed on my boot in a corner. I went back to the place where I felt something hitting my boot. At first I thought it was something that dropped of the tank or so. I felt really uncomfortable and drove back to check what had fell off. I saw a large bolt lying on the tarmac and it happened to be the engine mount!! Brr what could have been the damage if I didn't notice the bump on my foot.

General Comments:

Incredible design. You love it or you don't.

BUT it is Italian. That means it isn't assembled like an German piece of engineering.

Just to replace the battery you need more than 3 different type of wrenches!!! Come on, use a standard for bolts, please!!!

It is a LOOKER. When riding it, many heads turn your way.

The fuel consumption is a bit high.

When riding at normal speeds and slow acceleration (if you can), it runs 1 liter every 13 kilometers.

When using it as a MotoGP bike, it runs 1 liter every 9 or 10 KMs.

The sound is awesome!!! With "Laser Duo Tones" that is.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2009

26th Jun 2019, 21:49

Cagiva Navigator TL1000. The 2000 year, with 23000 miles on the clock. Just bought 2 weeks ago from Liverpool UK (St Helens). Never buy a bike in the rain. I did not test ride it; just said I would buy it. 3 days later the bike arrived. The seller got his money, filled in the V5 and was off. The advert did not stand looking at... first thing, started the bike up, and after a minute or so the engine did not seem right. But it's a v twin. Went for a ride out on it. What the hell have I bought? It's an enduro monster. The power is mind-boggling.

Got home, checked the bike out; first thing was a new back tyre. It had just been MOTed? Must have got a ghost to MOT it. Muffle blowing. My luck was on its way; one muffle for £46 off eBay. Bought some other parts for £15. In the box was an air relay; checked the number on the Suzuki parts for the TL; to buy a new relay would cost £265. A wheel new for £1000; the buyer had written a bloody good story and put it on two sites on the internet; I was reading the wrong site. 13 owners, not on my site did I see it, not the other site.

I found the NAVIGATOR is a rare bike to own. It's one hell of a bike, never mind the 13 owners, it is just mind-boggling to ride. Some little things to sort out. If this bike had just been brought out in 2019, and the fuel side put right, you would be looking at £14000 to buy. If you get the chance to ride one, just watch it put a smile on your face. Cagiva and Suzuki got it right in the year 2000. The value for this year is let's say £6000, no matter the miles, or how many owners. Well that's my value.

Thanks from JK UK 2019/6/26. You just do not see them on the net.

9th Jul 2020, 13:14

Yes I've had 3 Navigators in the past, they look fat and heavy. But wow what a ride. In the real world the brakes, suspension, handling and flickability for a 1000 cc v twin is amazing. The engine is a bit jerky low down, but if you clutch it a bit and also turn up the idle 500rpm it's good. The bike was a beast like a big super moto and went like s**t; even had a long 6th gear and was a pleasure on the motorway. Only downsides are corrosion of the bike in winter and the brakes need constant cleaning. But wow what a fantastic bike.