2003 Ducati ST2 from United Kingdom


A classic bike IMHO


Very little has gone wrong with this bike since I've had it.

After a trip to Belgium I gave it a good wash. When I started it up, it wouldn't go above 3000 without cutting out. I guessed it was water somewhere in the tach circuit.

I was right. I took the left hand bottom fairing off and found water had got into the connection between the sensor and the main cable to the ECU. WD40 / cleaned / filled with silicon grease and it's been fine since.

Started running on one shortly after a service at a main dealer two years ago - took it back, but the repair was short lived. Took it to Ducati expert. He swapped the ECU for a second he had. Been fine since.

General Comments:

Look after an ST2 and it will look after you.

I de-grease mine twice a year followed by a plastering of AC15 (winter) and SC1 (summer).

It handles beautifully. I find it forgiving to ride. There is so much power at low revs that going into a bend at too high a gear isn't a problem. Just open the throttle and the torque will do the rest.

The bike was a bit lumpy around town, but I thought this was just how a Duc Twin was meant to be. I didn't like the look of the exhaust so cored it and replaced the outer for carbon. I changed the chip to match an open exhaust. The difference was phenomenal. No more power, but the delivery is now absolutely smooth. It runs through town purring - almost sounds like a single.

Sound is incredible - a big part of owning a Ducati - and the reason why I would never go back to straight four.

Fuel consumption is good (50MPG) The tank will get you 200+ miles.

Not the most comfortable over long distance, but I don't do many 150+ mile days.

Long distance on motorway is OK, but a whole day of clutching gets the left wrist going. My average days are around 70 miles around the Welsh hills where it feels at home.

Power is ample for what I need, but always wonder what the ST4 would be like. Can't bring myself to change though, as the added costs of the extra four valves and lower fuel consumption put me off. I feel the 2 valve design gives the machine some character (grunt) not not many others have. The torque / power balance gives a nice even delivery of power through the throttle spectrum.

Mine is probably one of the last to be manufactured. They had been produced for over 5 years so niggles had been rectified (I hope). Up to now it's been as reliable as the three Hondas I've had.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2016

26th May 2020, 21:18

Great review and very helpful. Mine is a 1998 so a bit older; even so it is as your review states.

1997 Ducati ST2 from United Kingdom


Good all rounder


Not a lot, as per previous reviews, but the starter motor is painfully slow. Had a new battery fitted, but the problem remained; must embody the mod to leads.

Rear wheel bushes also needed to be replaced, but for a bike that's is nearly 20 years old, I have had no major problems.

General Comments:

This bike is fun and a pleasure to ride; not as forgiving as my CBF1000, but when you get it right, it's very rewarding. Riding a Ducati requires a bit of thought and more concentration than Japanese multi's, but for me it's a more interesting ride.

Not a motorcycle that likes to be driven at 30mph, but out in the country, it does all I want from a bike!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2015