1st Aug 2014, 12:08

There are adjusters on each side with grooves on. There is a small lump on the frame that the grooves go into. Loosen the wheel, pull it back a little, and knock round the adjusters equally to the lump. Make sure the wheel is straight.

7th May 2016, 07:59

With the Gilera Cougar 125 there is no workshop manual. However the engine is a Honda 125, I think it's a CG engine in it. I've just got a 2003 model, and the hoses all need replacing, as do the spring clips holding the hoses in place.

The engine on mine seems to be racing and looks like too much air intake. After checking all the hoses from the air box, I found one that is split; hoping this will solve the problem.

20th Oct 2016, 04:30

Now come on, use some common sense. Rule of law; a give of half an inch movement is average allowance on most chains. Loosen the main wheel nuts and pull the wheel back; it's that simple. Re tighten any wheel alignment nuts til they are flush. They will be the bolt and nuts protruding out of the back of the wheel; they will be noticeable; they can also be used to pull the wheel back, but a physical pull after loosening the main wheel nuts does a faster job and you're good to go. The bolts protruding out of the back only need to be made flush with the wheel bracket and tighten those nuts. Just use common sense. Don't tighten those protruding bolts too much as they do keep the wheel aligned straight. It's a 5 minute job.

20th Oct 2016, 04:36

If your engine is racing then that will be a carburetor problem. You can slow the engine down by the screws on the side of the carburetor. There should be two screws; one is usually flush and that should be about 1 and a half turns of its clock face from closed, and then turn the other screw that should have a spring on the screw; you will hear the engine slow or speed up by the turns of those screws. If it is based on the CG 125, then the indented screw close til off, then unscrew til 1 and a half turn, then turn the outside screw. In that order.

13th Sep 2018, 14:32

Hi all, I have a Gilera Cougar (year 2001). Just finished doing it up, just put a new racing exhaust on it. All the bad comments about the bike, they're rubbish as I had a Honda Varadero 125cc, and I would say that the Gilera Cougar chopper type is better looking and faster. I really enjoyed going on the road with it; got it painted armour green and got a lot of good comments on the bike.

10th Apr 2019, 21:12

I have a Gilera 125cc year 2000 and it was great to start with; not the fastest of bikes, but rode well. Now it's coughing and sputtering, and won't do more than 50. Getting the carb and pipes done tomorrow; will post the outcome. Apart from that, it's a great learning bike.