27th May 2011, 08:52

About the beer can thing, you should do some research on a Goldwing. The engines both 1500 and 1800 are good for 300-500,000 miles before a rebuild! They are also faster and can cruise over 100 mph all day long! I have Harleys and love them - just know what you are talking about before knocking any bike.

18th Jul 2014, 02:58

You hit the nail on the head! I've owned 5 of both, and I like both of them, but you cannot compare apples with oranges. I now own a Low Rider and a Classic, along with a 1800 Wing. If I'm in a hurry I take the Wing; if not I'll ride one of the Harleys.

13th Mar 2015, 15:37

Dude, the Electra Glide will outlast a Gold Wing? 300,000 miles would be the test.

27th Nov 2015, 21:35

I own both a 2002 Honda GoldWing GL1800 and a 1998 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic. I absolutely love both bikes, but they are two totally different machines.

The Honda has just over 100,000 trouble free miles on it and still runs like a brand new bike. I expect to get another 100,000 plus miles out of it.

The Harley has just over 33,000 trouble free miles on it. I do expect to get a lot more trouble free mileage out of this bike also, but I do not expect to get anywhere near the mileage that I have on the Honda before repairs might be needed.

They are both excellent touring bikes and both have their advantages and disadvantages. I say ride what you want and enjoy it. As many riders have said... a Honda has a heart, but a Harley has a soul.

12th Feb 2018, 22:00

I agree with you. I have 90,000 miles, and only three problems:

Rear cylinder started leaking, replaced both cylinder head gaskets.

Next problem, the fuel pump keeps shutting down, and the parts are not available so I am going to change to a carb, but the third issue is the engine temperature sensor. What are the signs that it is bad? How does the engine react?

Help if you can. E-mail elcluse1@aol.com, my name is Jim or call me at 352-322-3448.

Thanks for any help.