30th May 2008, 18:30

I have owned my 1995 FLSTN since it was brand new. It is my baby. I now have almost 30,000 miles on it. The only thing that has gone wrong on it is the headlamp shorted out two weeks ago. This is definitely one of the most beautiful bikes the boys from Milwaukee have ever produced!

10th May 2009, 09:24

I have been riding my 95 FLSTN for about 10 yrs now and I love it. It got me to Sturgis from Boston with no problems. Does anybody know how many were made???

18th Jul 2009, 11:45

To the above comment, I believe they made 2,500 of them. I also ride a 95 FLSTN, and love it. Bought it a couple years ago and it's my favorite thus far. Haven't really had any problems with it, I had to change the primary to engine gasket, new clutch basket, and some carb work. People say the EVOL engines are money buckets, which I agree, but after 93 they seem pretty solid. No biggie! Super nice bikes, very happy.

22nd Oct 2009, 06:35

I have had my 95 for about 4 months. As far as riding around town, I love it. It is a good looking bike and I get compliments on it all the time.

As far as going long distances, it is horrible. It rides like a brick and the seats aren't comfortable at all.

I am tearing it down this winter and getting the top end redone and painted. I am hoping to fix these problems that I have with the bike. If I am still not happy, I will buy an Ultra Classic next time. But again, overall I love my bike.

6th Jul 2011, 15:16

Been riding mine. Have got 20000 miles on it, no problems. The fact is other newer bikes have had problems on rides across country, but mine never has.

20th Feb 2012, 16:00

I bought mine in October. I love it so far, no problems. People are always saying how nice it is. It looks as good as the new bikes look today.

3rd Mar 2013, 12:05

I ride a 1995 FLSTN also. 10300 miles last summer alone. Problems have been few mostly related to the neglect of the previous owner (i.e. no oil change in 3 years; poor storage, not checking fasteners, etc.)

The front pulley was replaced (2nd time because the 1st time they didn't replace seals) and a new chrome inner primary was ordered. I also had an intermittent starter problem solved by putting in a new electronic ignition switch.

If you want reliable but don't worry about acceleration, this bike is great. I can get 50 MPG plus at 60 mph, but average 46 MPG.

Almost every stop turn heads almost as much as my Buell did. The sound from the Python 3's is a tad loud, but comfortable.

Long live the evolution!

8th Sep 2020, 13:34

Just called Harley, gave my VIN and they told me 6966 were made that year!

30th Aug 2022, 23:35

I also have been told 2500 made, I ride one over here in Australia and after 4 tear down and rebuilds for various "Neglected Bike" issues due (clutch (stripped out), gearbox (missing spacer would you believe), re-wiring, even the fuel filter was on reversed and it has a flow arrow..). to its former owner I have now been told it looks better than it ever did. I happened upon the previous owner and showed him and his wife pics of her now... they were clearly regretful.