6th Jul 2009, 17:54

I have enjoyed my STSC for 2 yrs without any problems. I guess there is one lemon in every batch, but mine has been bullet proof. I suggest you cut your losses, reinvest in a new bike and move on. The experience I have had indicates that a Harley is a pleasure to own. Good luck...

24th Jul 2009, 23:39

I have owned my 2007 FLSTSC for 2 1/2 years. The bike is maintained as the service manual recommends. I admit the 5000 mile fork bearing torque is hard to do at first, but with practice it can be done. This bike rocks. I clean and wax it every two weeks because the midwest bugs will kill the finish. I am very happy with the ride and so is my wife.

16th Aug 2009, 15:02

20k on my 2007 Springer Classic, still looks and runs like new. Perfectly happy with it, in every way possible.

17th Aug 2009, 06:40

I've been riding Harley's since 1952, & have never had any major problems until this bike. The spokes on the rear wheel have come loose twice in 8000 easy miles of riding. The rims & the spokes are rusting, and the clutch & front brake bracket's both have paint flaking off them. The bike is washed and dried after every use, so I don't know why this is going on. I've never had this problem on any other bike. The dealer doesn't seem to care, so if you have a 07, & start to get what feels like a high speed wobble, check your rear wheel spokes.

19th Jan 2010, 14:36

Have owned Harleys since the 70s. Went thru the AMF years also. Had an FX for 5 years, an FLHT, and a Heritage for over 20 years. My 07 Springer Classic I figure will be my last Harley. The old school look is killer, and I have had absolutely no problems with the ride, components, or mechanics. Even accessories that are now showing up, are great fits and add to the styling and performance.

I live in New England, so weather here is no where near like the Southern and Western part of the USA. I ride 8 months a year and there is no rust, no wobble, and no problems. As someone else said, every once in awhile they put out a lemon. I say squeeze it, drink the lemonade, and move on. Write to Milwaukee, USA if the dealer won't work with you. Mail Willie G personally. I'll bet they'll take care of you!!!

23rd Mar 2010, 16:58

I've owned my 2007 Softail Springer Classic since new, and have put over 23K miles on it here in Hawaii. I don't have any problems with rust and the drive train is rock solid!

The only issue I've had was the rear spokes worked loose, but the dealer here replaced the wheel and tire under warranty with no problems.

Like the fellow before me said: "send your complaint to the head office", they will listen and resolve your issues. If not, let us know and I'm sure everyone here would gladly start emailing and calling Harley-Davidson to voice our concerns of owners not being taken care of!! That dealership can lose its franchise license if it doesn't take care of its customers, and will no longer be able to sell Harley-Davidson's.

Charley Pesnell

Wahiawa, Hawaii.

1st Apr 2010, 20:42

I ride a 2005 Springer Classic in black cherry pearl, and thoroughly enjoy this bike.

I purchased it brand new from the local Harley dealer in 2007, and since that time I've put on 30,000 km and have had no major problems with it at all.

I changed the original seat over to a Mustang vintage wide with backrest, and it's a most comfortable ride.

This bike is a real head turner, and I receive a lot of compliments on its old school look.

I have replaced the beach bars with a set of mini Ape Hangers, and it really enhances the look of this bike, not to mention the comfort factor on long rides. The mini apes cause less fatigue on the shoulders and arms!

All in all, a great bike and a pleasure to own.

14th Sep 2010, 18:01

I have a 2006 Springer Classic (fuel injected model). I have over 30,000 miles with no issues whatsoever! Smooth ride at any speed, and have had her up to 90 mph. This is the embodiment of what Harley stands for, period. If you have issues, I seriously urge you to contact main Harley Davidson offices and state your case. Furthermore, you need to be specific on the dealer that is screwing with you; this is the largest cardinal sin that the corporate headquarters WILL NOT STAND FOR, they will come down on the dealership like a ton of bricks!

By the way, there are tons of customization parts available for this model... you're just not looking in the right places!

20th Sep 2010, 20:39

I have a 2007 and one problem was the back wheel... the spokes came loose.. I got the wobble and found out the back wheel was the problem... no warranty on the wheel, so I replaced it with a full rim. No more spokes for the back wheel.

Must have been a bad batch of wheels on the 2007 FLSTSC!!

I also had a problem with oil tank, the paint was coming off... was replaced by dealer on warranty. No cost to me.

I hope someone from HD is reading these reviews!

Ride and have fun!!

15th Dec 2010, 01:10

I love mine. Yes, the paint is flaking real ugly off the oil tank. They seemed to have painted it black right over the chrome tanks! Bad move, but I still love it!

I DID just notice tonight, the OEM service manual, that is supposed to be all inclusive for ALL Softails, DOES NOT give MY schematic! Case in point.. the headlamp sockets are nothing like the ones in the book. I wonder if there are new ones that are due yet? E mail me if you know of one.. sixty7flh@yahoo.com

22nd Jan 2011, 14:52

Best retro bike around! Nice easy performance. Best bike owned in last 20+ years. A keeper...