1981 Honda C70 Passport from United States of America


Great little bike for getting around town


No problems as of today. It came with a burned out headlamp, so I have ordered a new one and will install that. I understand they run off the battery and can burn out quite easily if the battery charge is not monitored.

General Comments:

This bike is awesome. I don't ride for speed or show, I ride to have fun. I'm not looking for a bike to do anything other than take me from point A to point B, which is usually between my house and work or the grocery store.

These little bikes are nostalgic for anyone growing up in the 80s or 70s. I constantly get stopped in parking lots at grocery stores or at my kid's school, or people ask me questions about the bike and tell me they used to have one or would love to pick one up.

There is a reason these are the most popular motorbike ever made.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2015

1978 Honda C70 Passport from United Kingdom


Usual Honda, a disappointment


Constant battle to keep the ignition points in spec.

Battery won't charge.

Drinks fuel quicker than many larger machines.

Timing chain rattles on tickover. Fixed by adjusting the tensioner.

Rear suspension is noisy.

Uses oil constantly.

General Comments:

I am thoroughly disappointed with this motorcycle, and like all the other Hondas I've owned, this one is no exception in the sense it is in the category of some of the worst I've ever owned.

The fuel economy is terrible at 60 miles for four liters. This equates to less than 70 miles per gallon.

The three speed gearbox could do with an intermediate gear between 2nd and 3rd, as there is a huge jump from 2nd to 3rd.

The seat is a bit narrow.

The motorcycle handles quite well, thanks to the low center of gravity offered by the horizontal engine design.

The six volt electrics are good enough to be useful, in the sense the indicators can be seen when on.

Top speed is not good at less than 40mph, and the machine struggles to get anywhere near 40mph.

Certain physical features of the machine are quite handsome, such as the mid mounted side light and the shield shaped speedo.

The Yamaha Townmate T80 I had before was far better, as it easily achieved 130mpg all the time, had a five liter tank, felt more sturdy, had a shaft drive, was more comfortable, and did between 45-50mph, but it was stolen by some scum bag, so hence why I have been punished yet again by ending up with a Honda.

I've had many bikes in my time, and the worst ones have been the Hondas. I will not buy another Honda again. By god I miss my Townmate. My colleague has a Honda CBR600, and he's always being left stranded, and he wishes he'd kept his Kawasaki.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2012

24th Apr 2012, 22:36

The only thing you have to know about the remarkable Honda C70 is this...


27th May 2012, 17:02

Honda's are the best. You must buy all the clapped out ones. They're built better full stop, and go forever.

1982 Honda C70 Passport from United States of America


The best bike you will ever have


I have replaced the carb, new tires and that's all.

General Comments:

Great bike for starters or just cruising around.

I have 6 Honda bikes, a 350 1995, 2 Goldwing Windjammers, Honda Passport 70c, Honda Cub 90c, and the Honda 2009 DJX sport bike. And yet my second favorite bike is the Honda 70c Passport, it truly is a great bike.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2009

1982 Honda C70 Passport from United States of America


It's a character


Currently the main and most important problem is a problem in the gear box. It is difficult to down shift into first gear from second gear while moving. So to compensate I down shift into second gear from third, and start from off the line in second gear. If I need the first gear I can get to it after I completely stop.

The trick to shifting the bike from third into second is to shift it down between 15 - 20 MPH. Shifting the bike is tricky, and even after two thousand miles I have to say I'm still learning. Eventually I will go into the gear box and fix the problem.

Another thing it does is if the gear does not catch just right, it will pop out of third gear into second and a re-tap of the gear shifter will put it into third again.

I do not think this bike is a beginners bike because you can get in trouble on it quickly. One thing I learned the hard way is if the bike is in third gear and I'm on a hill, shifting into second at a low speed will bring the front wheel up into an instant wheelie.

The original neutral switch broke; I replaced it and the part was shorter and it currently does not work. I currently use a alligator clip and clip it to a bolt end to use the electric start. The kick starter works great if the electric start is not working.

General Comments:

This bike is a great hill climber and is geared just right for that. The top speed is around 43 MPH, which is fast enough for this bike.

I replaced the brakes, and it stops on a dime.

One quality about the bike is how it feels on the road, and the only way to describe it is it's sticky.

I like the bike and will continue to ride it as far as I can.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2009