9th Nov 2009, 14:25

Thanks for your advice and tips. I went to trade in my 1993 Yamaha Tenere today for a 93 Big one, but did not commit myself until I read some reviews.

Actually comments tend to be negative for the Big one, but since you guys actually own one, I'll take your advice!!

Thanks again.



16th Nov 2009, 16:07

Well I fell in love (only bike riders understand this) with the looks of my 1995 model, it has the wonderful retro look, but modern package.

I've only ridden her on short runs so far, and have mixed feelings. I'm looking into a lighter fork oil as I feel that it's a little stiff up front. I've adjusted the rear shock top rebound and damping onto its lightest setting, as it's a little hard one up.

I like the power range that the motor gives. I'm not into top end screaming power, but grunty lower mid range, as this can be where the most fun is without losing it for me now, as I'm 50 and just want to enjoy riding.

I love the total package with heaps of chrome and paint, and once again Honda builds great looks into their bike.

If you are looking for a light handling bike, this is not for you, you need to be six foot plus to safely ride this heavy at rest bike. Once it is rolling, it feels smaller until you look down at the tank. I used to own a CBX1000; that bike rode lighter than this. It handled OK for its age, crap brakes and spongy rear end, but did it sound out of this world.

My CB1000 is a very good bike for what it was designed for; looks, sound, riding position, reliability, and yes it gets lots of positive comments "#%& that's a big bike. Love it.

7th Aug 2010, 14:20

I have a pristine, original example in yellow and pearl white. It hacks it with the best of modern day offerings. Over-engineered. Trick quality parts as standard. Far too expensive to be mainstream. For the money you can't buy a better bike!

16th Aug 2010, 15:53

Hi all... I am thinking of swapping my Honda Shadow VT600 with a CB 1000. Would it be a good move, or should I stick to my 600, since it is a very good bike on average, and nearly all reviews I read about it were all positive. I am a bit confused on this move, since like the guy who wrote the first review said, many reviews give negative feedback on the CB 1000. Any help please.

Thanks guys.

D.G Malta.

9th Sep 2010, 07:23

To add to the above, I have a 1992 (Yes Manufactured 22nd Sept 1992) early model CB1000 Big One. I have recently recovered her from the grave, and got her back on the road where she belongs, and she's proving to be a fantastic all rounder. Mine remarkably has less than 4000 miles on the clock and the engine is superb, bags of torque and flexibility. A highly rated machine in my opinion, and one I won't be parting with for a while.

19th Sep 2010, 19:25

After 15 years "bikeless", I bought a 1995 CB1000 in January of this year. Found it in Detroit, owned by a mechanic who doted over it. Any blemishes on it at this moment are mine and mine alone. Though it had 22000+ miles on the odometer, there was nary a scratch to be found. Put it on the road in April and have clocked over 7000 miles on it.

Though mostly a daily rider, I have done multi-day 1000+ mile excursions. Handles the twisties of NE Pennsylvania with grace and speed. Mid-range torque is plentiful, acceleration, though not blistering, is more than adequate.

I'm 5'10" and I would say that is the lower limit of rider height for this bike. It seems monstrous and elicits comments from all quarters. Looks are retro, but stunning.

I have to say that I've very much fallen in love with this machine.

29th Sep 2010, 13:57

I love my CB1000.. it IS my streetbike of choice, and even though I own a few other bikes, it's the one I choose almost every time. Whether it's for a short ride or a long trip, it's my ride. But what other guys above me have said about size is correct. You need to be a good sized man to truly appreciate and enjoy this machine. It IS called the Big One after all!

4th Nov 2010, 17:02

Hi People.

I have owned from new a 1996 CB1000. I'm 5'7" and 10 stone dripping wet, and I'm not convinced about the need to be 5'10" + for this bike. That said, I have one of the more modded ones outside Japan. Brilliant build quality, great motor, great to look at and RARE... I would buy a standard one to have as a second bike and leave it standard, they will become collectible in 5-7 years for sure.

Tuning parts are hard to come by, so I have had to make my own way, and it has been worth every penny of close to £16K (if I started again today). A guy in a dyno place I used to use asked me why I didn't get a Bandit to tune up etc, my reply 'Cos that would be too easy...'

I have done track days on my bike in original trim, 18" wheels included, and it went well even then, to a point, but it wasn't designed for that; the suspension is a bit too soft for chasing sports bikes on, but it does OK.

Now however my CB1000 will toast most sports bikes, and I would not part with it for any price. It can be seen on the UK www.cb1000.co.uk site, as it has evolved over the years.

All the best



25th Jan 2012, 16:22

Hi Steve.

I admire your bike. You've done a lot of work on it. I just got mine 3 weeks ago, and it was missing a lot of bits (clocks, end can etc etc) as I saved it and got it from some bike breakers here in the U.K. for £900. I spent about £1200 til now, and it's nearly ready for the road. Can't wait to ride her.

I've got a question for you... What carbs are those that you've got on, and where can I get a set? Also, how much do they cost mate?

If you find this message, please contact me on my email: pjfracing@yahoo.co.uk

Hope I hear from you soon mate.

Many thanks, and best kind regards.


20th Jun 2012, 17:12

Hi, I have just got a 1993 CB1000FP with 5000 miles on the clock, and think like all of the above, I am falling in love. As a returning biker (my youngest kid is now 18), she is forgiving of my lost grace, and delivers torque, even if my gear selection ain't perfect. I eagerly anticipate a deep and meaningful relationship. Two of three kids have sat on the back, and my wife has donned the leathers again, but not made the pillion yet. This bike is a thing of beauty.

Heedie in a hoodie.

6th Nov 2013, 18:54

I've got a 1996 Honda CB 1000. It had 56,000 miles on it with a short tax and MOT. A new set of front discs and pads later and a full MOT £400.

What a bargain!!! This bike keeps up with stuff it shouldn't. Easily keeps up with VTR Firestorms and Bandits, TL's etc. Definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing and NOT for the faint hearted. Since owning the bike for the last 4 months, I have covered 2,500 miles. This bike gives pure grin factor with a large tank, and is comfortable enough to easily cover 200 miles without any issues.

The bike is a massive lump, but I am 5' 9 and I don't have any issues at all.

Overall a brilliantly over engineered bike in its day, that still delivers the grin factor and easily lifts you into speeds which will chew your licence up.


18th Jan 2017, 16:33

Hi, Paul here from Ireland, they are a big lump; I am 5ft 6 in on a good day. They can be heavy, but no problem to get about in traffic. The timing chain tensioner and timing chain will probably need doing at some stage. Careful with ordering parts; I had a hell of a job getting a swing arm kit for mine. If you like the look of them, then you will like the ride; have fun and keep between the ditches lads.