2007 Honda CB250 Nighthawk from United States of America


Great starter or 2nd bike


Just fixed and cleaned from the previous owner.

General Comments:

I wanted a second smaller lighter bike to ride to go with my ST1300.

Found this one with 3k miles and got it for $1300. Needed the carb cleaned, fixed a few minor things, etc.

Mods for more power: It's really lean from Honda. I've got a 118 main with a 38 pilot now. 1 washer under the needle. Stock air box snorkel removed and several holes in the airbox lid. Stock filter. After removing severe bluing from the pipes, they now don't even try to blue. Unaltered mufflers. Don't know what power you'll get from altering mufflers, but I don't want the noise. Intake noise is already increased.

Up 1 tooth on the front sprocket. 7% less RPM. Just seemed geared too short.

Valve adjustment: really simple and the best power is at .002 in. on both valves. I found them at .006 so they appear to grow with wear anyway.

Remove spark plug wire resistors then open the gap to .035 in.

With the above mods I've got more power, it's smoother, cooler running, no hesitation, quick cold starts, can take right off without wait. Gets 60 MPG on the one tank I checked.

Running Delo 10-30 oil. Changing it every 1k miles.

I got what I wanted; a light, fun, ride around bike when I don't want the big bike. It will go on the highway, gets up to 75 mph on level ground fairly quickly. But that's what the big bike is made for.

I'm 6'2 in. and 340 lbs. Anyone smaller will get much more performance.

I am looking for a 750 Nighthawk casually.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2016

1997 Honda CB250 Nighthawk from United Kingdom


Brilliant. 350 (UK) miles to the tank before switching to the reserve



I changed the forks as the seals were leaking when I got the bike. I put rubber gators on to help protect the fork seals.

I upgraded the side light to an LED bulb, and also put some CREE LED lights on under the headlight for day time riding.

I changed the standard bulb for an H4 halogen

General Comments:

Hi there,

I have a Honda CB250 Super dream 1997, which I purchased October 2012 as a winter hack. It had 27000 miles on the clock.

My BMW K750S is a great bike, but getting a bit expensive & heavy for the commute, especially in snow/ice. This gets used maybe 1x for my commute week if the weather's good (a condition of my insurance).

The little Honda is an absolute cracker. It's like a motorised push bike! Great for use in the winter in the snow/rain/ice (I didn't see many big bikes used during that time!!)

Good points:-

1) Cheap to insure & tax.

2) Approx 110-130 MPG for my commute of 13 miles each way to London & back from my London suburb.(keeping the chain lubed aids this); I easily get 350+ miles before the reserve tank needs to be used.

3) Parts are inexpensive & readily available from non Honda outlets

4) Light (approx 130 Kg) and easy to maneuver in the rush hour & around pot holes.

5) No expensive oil/filters required... simple gauze that can be cleaned and replaced.

6) Doesn't use any oil.

7) Fun to ride & can park it (locked) almost anywhere without fear of theft.

8) Easy to maintain by novice rider. Can find plenty of maintenance tips on YouTube.

9) Air cooled.

Bad points:-

1) Chain to clean/lube (guess I am used to the shaft drive of my K75s).

2) Feels a little under powered for my 95 Kg body :)... or maybe it's my bike?. Many small scooters zoom away from me at the traffic lights!!

3) On the motorway, you can feel large vehicles overtake. Max speed is approx 70mph... but it's not a great idea to do this type of speed.

4) No windshield on my bike (yet) as standard.

5) No cig lighter socket for GPS/ heated grips.

6) TOO quiet!!... cars/pedestrians can't hear you coming!!

If you want a solid reliable bike to commute on or just get around, I would highly recommend the CB250 (try and get one with a top box... SO useful).

I might consider a scooter as an alternative, but that's only because I don't like to lube the chain (assuming that it gives me the same MPG).

I am thinking of upgrading all the remaining bulbs to LED when I get around to it.

I hope that this helps.

Safe riding.

Regards, Ben.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2015