1982 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk from United States of America


I would buy another one in a New York second!


Fork seals leaking, but that is a maintenance item. The bike IS 35 years old!

Ignition switch. Had to take it out, disassemble and clean. Now it works fine.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this motorcycle. The seat height is almost 31 inches, so good for me at 6'3". Wet it is just over 400 pounds, and even with me at 240 pounds, the wind can blow me around a bit. My legs are just a bit cramped with the mid-controls, but nothing horrible.

The handlebars are situated just perfect. I sit upright and it is a very comfortable motorcycle to ride. It accelerates well for being just a 450 too! I have learned to run the RPMs higher before I shift (red-lines at over 9,000).

Aside from normal maintenance like adjusting valves, cam chain, replacing chain and sprockets, fork seals, and clutch cable (all relatively easy to do for a mechanically inclined person), the only real expense was the rebuild of the 2 carbs. But again after 35 years, I can't complain! This is an all around GREAT commuter bike that I would absolutely buy again, and if you can find one in decent condition - buy it!!!

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Review Date: 20th June, 2017

1983 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk from Canada


Great commuter bike, excellent reliability, good gas mileage


Changed the oil recently, and it started to leak from the filter housing.

General Comments:

I would highly recommend this motorcycle to anybody. I started out on a 1982 Honda 450 CM Custom way back in the day. The Nighthawk was bought for the wife to get back into riding a motorcycle. This thing handles great around town, and I find myself driving it more than the three other bikes I have in the garage.

Great bike for zipping around town on, and it has some get up and go for a 450. Granted it's not going to win me any pink slips at the track, but it certainly has no issues on the highway or side streets.

Easy to maintain and very reliable thus far. I bought the bike recently; changed the oil, checked the plugs, and that has been it. Starts with just a quick hit of the starter switch. Needs about 3-5 minutes to get to operating temps and you're off.

I will keep this bike for a long time; will pass this on to the kids when they get old enough to drive.

Excellent product by Honda.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2013

1982 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk from Canada


Absolutely love it, many people have offered to buy, I will never sell


Basic maintenance items needed; the bike sat outside for 8 years when I got it:




Spark plugs.

Fork seals.

Fuel tank was rusted (hard to find a new one).

General Comments:

A very comfortable bike to ride; has a lot more power than I was expecting. On my first ride I popped the clutch and lifted the front wheel about a foot off the ground!

I painted the bike black with red stripe, and polished the chrome, and I get a lot of looks on this bike.

I wouldn't take this bike on a cross Canada tour, but for the city/first bike, it is freaking awesome!!

Extremely reliable, always starts, and once I got all the leaks under control, it has been a true Honda.

I really like the simplicity of the bike and the cheesy 80's corn star wheels.

Well I am not a veteran rider, but I think it handles quite well; I don't feel afraid to throw it into a corner at higher speeds.

It takes pot holes/bumps quite well, without knocking you off the bike.

I have ridden with a friend who has a 85 hp Yamaha, and I keep up quite well with him on the highway with my 45 hp. I think it is because of gearing/lightness of the bike.

6 speed transmission is really nice, I like cruising on the highway in 6th, you are not toying with the throttle all the time.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2012

19th Jul 2015, 01:03

Hey sir, I have the same type, year and model. I just got it today, but the problem is the hand brake is so stiff, it's not even working. What do you think could be the problem?

1st Aug 2015, 15:07

Bleed the brakes.

21st Feb 2016, 22:30

It's probably the master cylinder piston is gummed up or caliper piston is gummed up. If the brake lever is staying pulled in, it is the master cylinder piston. Sometimes you can clean the gunk out and it will work fine, but you will probably need rebuild kits.

25th May 2023, 12:12

Had the same problem. Flushed all the brake fluid and replaced with new and it was perfect.