1985 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk from United States of America


One of my most favorite bikes to ride!


Nothing serious has gone wrong with this motorcycle.

The usual wear & tear items have been replaced, such as the battery, lights, tires, brakes and such.

The seat did split at the seams and the carbs were rebuilt at about 15 years old.

The chrome has held up well, as well as all of the aluminium parts.

General Comments:

This bike has been extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Being of average height and weight, I found it maneuverable at low speeds.

Its seating position is comfortable and upright. Not tank hugging like a sportbike, not stretched out like a cruiser.

It is very quick & nimble. Well balanced, easy to toss thru the corners.

It handled 2 up riding with ease, with the 6 speed gearbox and a nice 2nd torque curve above 4500 RPM.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2014

31st Jul 2015, 00:22

So I am getting a Honda Nighthawk, a 1985. I haven't drove it yet, and I am just wondering how good the bikes are? Thanks.

7th Oct 2015, 22:40

I just bought an '85 650 NH a month ago. I love it; the only things I don't like about the bike are the front brakes and the gas tank size (too small). Other than that, it's really a great bike.

1985 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk from United States of America


Stellar motorcycle for any rider, even super seasoned like me


Nothing has gone wrong. Normal pads, tires.

General Comments:

I have owned about 75 motorcycles.

This bike is in my top 10. It always starts in a second. I park it next to my 2001 Triumph that cost 6 times as much and starts in 11 seconds average.

This Nighthawk has a center stand, gear indicator, 6 speed with shaft drive. I get 49 miles per gallon.

Sounds like a sports car.

I replaced the stock cruiser like silly handlebars with motocross bars to make the bike sit more like a standard. This bike is a keeper.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2012

15th Jul 2014, 20:04

Hope you still monitor this site. I also have a 650 Nighthawk, and I think the stock handle bars are too low and narrow. The problem I'm having is no one around me stocks bars like the old days, so you can take them out to your bike to see how you like them. 28 inches for me is too narrow; I'd like 30 inches and maybe 2 more inches of rise.

Do you have the specs of your bars?


Thank you.

28th Jan 2015, 23:48

I'm interested, too.

Thinking about buying a low mileage '85 and trying to find out more.

24th Feb 2015, 03:24

I own the same 1985 CB650SC and love this bike. I, too, do not like the stock handle bars and am thinking about putting motocross bars on. How well did the change in bars improve the looks of your bike? Do you have any pics? Thanks.

15th Mar 2015, 15:02

I currently own a Honda 1985 CB650SC Nighthawk. I, too, do not like the look of the handle bars. In your previous comment you voiced the same opinion. Which bars did you choose to replace the originals? Could you send me a pic (attachment) via email of the Nighthawk with the motocross bars to the following email address? jtpanagos@comcast.net

Thanks for your previous comments, I also have owned quite a few motorcycles in my time and I really like the Nighthawk!

Jay Panagos

22nd Mar 2015, 12:16

I've owned a 85 Nighthawk for a year now. I wouldn't change a thing. It's so comfortable, the way it rides. Can't wait for the snow to be gone so I can start riding again.

1985 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk from United States of America


Low maintenance, reliable, and fun to ride


The starter relay burnt out because of my own ignorance.

The lights for the speedometer burnt out and needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

This bike has been all that it was advertised to be. It is an ideal first bike or return to motorcycling bike. The seating position is very comfortable, but the seat itself does get a little uncomfortable after about 45 minutes - 1 hour. The brakes work, but are not the strongest brakes around.

It has decent power, but is very easy to control as the torque and horsepower delivery is pretty smooth. You can ride 2-up on this motorcycle, but it will require some downshifting when trying to pass or go up an extended hill.

The aftermarket for this bike is understandably small, but you can still find things if you look or are willing to do some work.

The starter relay burnt out, because I didn't give it some time to stop spinning between attempts.

You can still get most parts for this model year from multiple vendors, including Honda.

It does have what I deem to be a design flaw in that the charging system is anemic. It doesn't start to charge the battery until you reach ~2500 RPM. The easiest thing to do is just keep it on a battery tender when not riding, to ensure the battery is fully charged.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2012