1995 Honda CB750 from United Kingdom




Only niggle is slightly temperamental neutral light; it works fine when cold, but when warm doesn't always come on, but it doesn't affect the running of the bike.

General Comments:

Always wanted this bike after having several Hondas. I love Hondas; tried 'em all: Blades / Blackbirds / VFR, but wanted some comfort, so tried a Triumph Trophy 1200; very comfortable in a straight line, and an armchair on wheels, but doesn't corner too well, plus it's very heavy.

Well the CB750 is brilliant; felt I had to write this review. It looks good, I love the retro style, not too heavy, very comfortable, and handles great, goes where you point it, and sticks to the road like glue. You can cruise along nicely, but if you twist the throttle, it pulls brilliantly. Plenty of power in this 750 engine, and the brakes are great as well; it's a real pleasure to ride. I think these bikes are very underrated.

Build quality is brill. My 95 plate looks as good as a 2015 plate; typical Honda quality if looked after, and will run forever.

So if you fancy a mid range retro, commuter, tourer, look no further, these bike are great.

I think I've finally found the perfect bike for me.

Happy biking.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2017

1981 Honda CB750 from United States of America


1980's fun and reliability


Small oil leak.

Blown fuse.

Front brakes squeak.

General Comments:

This bike is terrific for its age and what it is. I ride my 750 really hard for such an old bike, and it holds together great. It's really simple to work on. I've had little to no problems.

My buddy has a Suzuki Bandit crotch rocket and I keep up with him just fine. I rap it out to 8 and 9 grand constantly and it never gives me fits or any problems.

I highly suggest this bike for anyone who is wanting something cheap to play with.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2014

1978 Honda CB750 from United States of America


One of the most reliable, fun and best investments you can make buying a motorcycle


Absolutely nothing!!!

General Comments:

1978 CB 750 A - Produced only two years from 1976 to 1978, only 1700 made, a few survivors around, this is one of them.

Found this jewel on Craig's. After days of Internet research for reviews, parts cost (and a VIN # check of course ;-) ), drove 1:45 min. with an experienced rider and mechanic friend to see it.

Owner took really good care of it. Besides insignificant touches of rust on the chrome here and there, a broken signal light amber cover (light was good), the condition was great, acceleration, compression etc. It was cold as ice (we touched the engine and pipes) before it was started in front of us with no problems at all.

First long ride within minutes of buying it from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale Fl. to bring it home, and it rode like a dream. Stopped for gas, and in a minute there were people around it, asking questions and smiling.

A full tune up was made, front tire needed replacement, changed to Harley's Dunlop 401, back tire is a Michelin, not crazy about it, but it's almost new, so no need to replace in a long time.

Front disc brakes (first bike of the age in its category to have it) and rear drums will make you stop when you want and need. The rotor on the front tire is super thick compare with modern bikes. Again, built to last.

Semi Automatic System - Three gears, neutral, first and second (Low-High). You will shift gears normally WITHOUT a clutch. Nice power on first from total stop, shift to second and just roll for power. I ride local roads and highways (I-595, I-75, US 27, Florida's Turnpike). Enough power and weight (580 lbs dry) to feel safe and confident putting up with cars and trucks at 75-80 mph, can do more if you need it, but not necessary. Is a vintage, not a sport bike.

Had long ride from Hollywood to Fort Myers (247 miles back and forward) with a group full of Harley's and Goldwings. Put up with the rest of the pack without hesitation. It was nice also to see guys with $20-$30,000 bikes impressed and complimenting mine that cost literally 30 times less $$.

A few months as the owner of this 1978 CB 750 A semi automatic, and you like me, will be proud you are. Overall, this is a great bike. It was build to last the 33 years that it proudly has, and way more with proper care AND without destroying your pocket!!!.

Strangely, and good for you if thinking of buying one, parts are not expensive at all compared with other bikes. From mechanical to stock restoring, good basic research will save you lots of money. Easy to find parts and inexpensive, making this bike a great purchase, and extremely reliable in all aspects.

The CB 750 was the bike that changed the industry in the 70's, as one of the first super bikes. Honda dared to make a fairly powerful, well built, extremely reliable machine at a price that was and even more today, available for everybody.

If you are considering buying one (reason why you have read till now), make sure it's in good/acceptable condition, have a test ride and BUY IT!! You will never regret it.


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Review Date: 15th January, 2012