2005 Honda CB900F Hornet from New Zealand


Great no fuss bike; just jump on and go



General Comments:

The seat is uncomfortable for longer trips, although it may be OK for a shorter guy with more forward lean.

The handlebars are terribly uncomfortable; best to change to enduro type bars.

The front and rear suspension is seriously lacking for the performance of the bike, and I couldn't tune it in. Have had the rear end sliding out numerous times in situations where it just should not have. I have been told that Ohlins front and rear really transform this bike dramatically.

Pulls really well from low revs, and things really kick off at about 6000 RPM, but not savagely. It feels like a lighter bike than it actually is.

Pegs touch down pretty easy, but you're getting near the edge of your tyre anyway, so not bad.

Power wheelies so easy in 1st gear and clutches up OK in 2nd with a tug on the bars.

A great bike with a few comfort modifications; so easy to ride. Anyone could ride this bike, it's just so smooth and safe feeling with its neutral steering geometry, which does not give much feedback. Good commuter except fuel economy is not great. Sports bike it's not. Tourer - not really. That's why I sold mine; it just didn't really fit the bill for anything in particular.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2014

2007 Honda CB900F Hornet from New Zealand


The 919 Hornet is the best value blast you can have on a bike without spending a fortune


Nothing has gone wrong.

Just had regular services when required.

General Comments:

This 919 Hornet is the best all round bike I've ever owned.

Fantastic low down grunt, all the way to the red line. No surprises anywhere; just twist the gas and go in almost any gear.

I find the seat a bit hard after extended rides of 3 hours or more, but doesn't seem to get any worse.

The handle bars were the first mod, as they were too narrow and swept back at too much of an angle for me, and made my wrists sore after a while. Now they are perfect and have a much flatter profile, which means my wrists aren't bent inwards at all now, plus the riding position is a little more leaning forward, which instills great confidence in the front end compared to before.

Handling is great in the corners, and I regularly scrape pegs very easily. I think a lot of it has to do with tire choice, and I run Pirelli Rosso Diablos, and they are just perfect for my style of riding, and have never ever given me a moment on the road. Also the Pilot Roads 2 give good service, but just don't inspire the same confidence as the Pirellis do.

A lot of people on forums etc say the shocks are not up to par for hard riding in the corners... what rubbish... they're not perfect, but believe me, they do a stellar job, and I can hang with the fastest of sportbike riders on the road... It's a little different on a track, but I'm not far behind the fast guys at the trackdays on the ZX10's etc, which kinda annoys them LOL.

Saying the bike needs better springs etc, is just an excuse for a lack of riding skills. Truth is, I have fairly embarrassed so called fast guys on the twisties, and even passed them on the inside on this little Hornet, and when we stop for a rest and chat, they always have some kind of excuse as to why I was able to pass them... I've heard it all; from I have better tires than them, to I wasn't really trying that hard, when the fact is they were trying, as I can see it in there riding style.

The biggest key to going quick on a Hornet is being super smooth, as it is on any bike.

The 919 Hornet is a great all rounder, that can do track days with the best of em (amateurs that is), go scratching the pegs on the weekends, and get you to work during the week, and in the holidays take you on a tour in reasonable comfort. Very few bike I've ever had can claim to do all this. And coupled with this bike's super reliable engine and low maintenance, you have a winner.

The only thing I'd like to recommend, is that if you're doing lots of long trips, to maybe think about a flyscreen to keep the wind blast off your chest, as it can get very tiring at higher speeds on long trips... Other than that, this bike is an absolute blast to ride, and I don't ever plan on selling it, just because it's so much fun.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2010