2011 Honda CBR250R from Norway


Probably very reliable and of high quality, but not having the "charisma" of the Kawasaki competitor


Nothing yet, but I only had it for a few days.

General Comments:

I just bought it, so I'm trying to sum up my first impressions, especially compared to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which I also own.

The Honda has more low end punch than the Ninja 250, but is probably unable to reach the top speed of the Ninja 250R. The Ninja feels much sportier, and has more "character", in a way. I also think the Kawasaki looks better.

The front brake is much more effective on the Honda, when compared to the Ninja 250R, from my impression. The instrumentation for the Honda also provides more information than the Kawasaki, except it has a digital speedometer.

The riding position is slightly more upright on the Honda (I'm 6 feet tall).

The Honda seems to have excellent build quality, and the fairing and the parts in general look almost like new, even for this 7 year old bike.

It will probably look new longer than a Kawasaki, for example, not due to its shape, but the quality of some of the materials.

When that is said, I have about 55000 trouble free kilometers on the Kawa - about 1000 times more riding experience than with the Honda.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2018

9th May 2019, 11:12

A couple of days ago, at about 19300 km, the oil and filter were replaced. The Honda has been absolutely trouble-free. I have used it for may daily commute for a little bit more than a month, this year. I could have wished for better acceleration and more power above about 60 mph sometimes, where it feels weaker than the Ninja 250R, one of the "competitors".

Anyway, it seems to be an excellent bike.

29th Jun 2019, 14:33

21612 km; replaced the air cleaner/filter with an $8, new, unit from dhgate.com.

31st Aug 2019, 15:41

23750 km today, and finished replacement of chain and sprockets this morning. I was surprised to see the wiggly front sprocket, but found out that it seems to be normal for these bikes. I have had the CBR 250 R for almost one year now, and it hasn't given any unpleasant surprises.

The finish seems to be very good, and the build quality excellent. The bike fell over on its right side once, while I was washing it. The bar ends as well as the right mirror were replaced after that incident.

The ignition lock as well as the lock for the tank, need to be greased now and then, not to cause too much friction and resistance when using the key. I also feel that the side stand is not among the best designs, as I more often believe that the bike might fall over, than for other bikes that I own.

The low end torque and acceleration from standstill is quite good, taking the small engine capacity into account.

In total, I'm still very satisfied with the Honda.

4th Jun 2020, 22:35

27170 km: new Pirelli Angel CiTy front and rear tires. Not a single problem with the bike during my ownership (since Sept 2018, when it was acquired at 14200 km).

27370 km: Replaced oil and oil filter. Castrol Power 4T 10W-30.

21st Jul 2020, 18:24

Sold today, since I have other motorcycles also. My ownership, from 14600 to 30100 km was absolutely trouble-free. Thanks for the excellent company, and the best of luck to the 69 year old gentleman that bought it.

Excellent Bike!

1987 Honda CBR250R from New Zealand


Fantastic, just make sure the last guy changed the oil!


Bought the motorbike with low oil. Topped up before leaving to drive it home (1700kms). I changed the oil and it went another 400kms before it was running really badly - blown main and con rod bearings.

Got a replacement 2nd hand engine, which worked for 1000kms before holing piston #1!

Noisy cam gears - impossible to fix (tried using 3 different sets!), so I built up a new engine.

Goes through 428 (heavy duty) chains like nothing I've ever seen before! (probably should find out if I can get 520 chain for it)

General Comments:

Wing mirrors actually work.

Handling is excellent.

The high red line and power band make it very fun to ride. Nothing else on the road sounds like it.

Brakes very well (mine has dual front discs)

Bike is big for a 250. Looks normal sized in height compared to other bigger bikes. I am nearly 2m tall and yes it isn't perfect but it's not bad.

Seat is hard. I have traveled long distance (up to 1600kms in 1 day) and you do get saddle sore onset after 4+ hours, but it never gets really bad.

Once I discovered the way to align the rear wheel properly that didn't involve the markings on the swing arm, fuel economy jumped from 180-200kms max (200-220 inc reserve) to a whopping 220kms + reserve of more than 20km. Fuel economy is consistently around 16-18km/L, riding fast or not.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2008

30th Jun 2012, 06:37

Hi, I'm looking to buy a CBR250RR soon, and the only thing I'm worried about is that I'm too tall for it. I'm 193cm tall. Would I be too tall for the bike?