2001 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade from United Kingdom


Makes you smile, enough performance to give you an adrenaline rush


Rear wheel bearings.

Radiator corroded.

General Comments:

I have ridden many motorcycles over 37 years.

I had never ridden a FireBlade, but have experience of 170BHP+.

The combination of over 100BHP in a lightweight package means you have to show restraint with the throttle even with a lot of riding experience.

I have owned many Honda motorcycles from the 1990s and 2000s, so not surprised about weaknesses of electrics and camchains which can be a concern on some of the FireBlades. I found build quality to be better than very recent Hondas that I have owned (VFR1200!) with corrosion limited to the fastenings.

Would easily buy another 929 or a 954 for day to day riding as used prices are reasonable. I'd love an earlier FireBlade as a weekend toy.

In Summary:

Rapid acceleration.

Wheelie prone.


Limited steering lock.

Tall riding position.

High footpegs.

Enormous standard silencer.

Well built.

Will be blown away by R1's and the like...

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Review Date: 13th March, 2017

2001 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade from United States of America


Blisteringly fast and fun


This bike has remained flawless for the most part...

The only difficulty I have faced with the motorcycle is the battery draining out. The battery seems to die out whenever the bike is left off for more than a week and a half. I am unsure of the cause of it, but after getting it started, it seems to charge back up and has no problems. More of an annoyance than a fault. :S.

Other annoyances:

The fuel consumption on this bike surprised me due to it being lower than my 600 by such a huge margin, especially when you considering that the gas tank capacity is larger on the 929RR.

The hard seat is also known to be an annoyance for anyone who would ride this bike for more than an hour.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this bike. I have bought this bike twice just to prove it. (Totalled my first one due to taking a corner too hard on worn out tires.)

The minor inconveniences of having to refuel it more often than a 600 sometimes gets tiring, and the hard seat does takes a toll on your rear end, but there is no other bike that can put a grin on your face faster with one small pull on the throttle.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2006

13th Mar 2017, 16:46

If the OP was referring to a 929, yes I found the fuel economy to work out at 36 MPG (UK) with the fuel warning light showing at 110 to 120 miles and another 20 to 30 miles left (4 litres of fuel remaining). I found that if you ride at high speed continuously or in built up areas, the fuel economy is not as good as earlier FireBlade models.

Handling and comfort for this type of motorcycle is very good despite the firm but roomy seat.

Ride with respect and they are rewarding to ride.

The engines are fairly noisy mechanically with rattles and whining due to the thinner than usual engine cases compared to other bikes.