3rd Jan 2010, 14:25

I have a CDU 250; great bike, good two up on county lanes. Does leak petrol if the tank is full from around the fuel cap. Cruises 70-80 top. Good solid traditional bike.

14th Jan 2010, 05:39

Finest commuter machine I have had. Now at 40,000 miles, upped the gearing to 29 tooth rear, better than one less tooth up front. With respect to age, not over 60mph, have my doubts on speeds specified on original low gearing. Change the oil every two months, with a small sump, a good thing for Japanese bikes.

11th Mar 2010, 06:59

The CB Two-fifty which followed the CD250U reverted to single carb & had a rubbish performance without better MPG. The only prob with the CD was it was physically too small for most people.

3rd Oct 2013, 05:57

I have owned and ridden two CD250U motorcycles, and both have been brilliant. They can easily travel at 100km per hour freeway speed, except up hills into a head wind, when 85-90 km/h is more realistic. They can beat virtually any car at the lights. I use 4 litres fuel per 100km around town.

Front disc brake is excellent, rear drum is OK. Any more stopping power on the back and the rear tyre would skid. The seating is very comfortable for long trips.

Rear sprocket links to rear wheel with 4 pegs mounted in rubber bushes. If the bushes fail (as they will) the sprocket will wobble and break the flange on the wheel hub holding the retaining circlip. The rear sprocket will then free-wheel and drive is lost. It's a design fault, but just needs an eye kept on the bushes with scheduled servicing.

13th Mar 2014, 07:47

I recently purchased an 1989 CD. Since owning it I have put on a front sprocket with 1 extra tooth. Wow, what a difference it made to the ride. Now rides at 100kph relatively easy, except as mentioned up large hills. It has 11500 km on the clock.

I increased the headlight from a 0/45 watt to a halogen 55/60 watt. In order to avoid wiring melting problems, I had it wired direct from the battery with a relay inside the headlight, still using the original hi/low switch wiring.

All in all I love this bike. I have owned many motorcycles over the years of all sizes. I have spent a bit of money on the bike e.g. had the centrifugal type oil filter inside the clutch cover cleaned, as there is no other oil filter, and over time they can pick up a few bits and pieces.

From a full tank of fuel I run it on premium unleaded, and by the time I need to turn on the reserve tank, I have traveled 250 km around town.

Purrs like a kitten; great motorcycle, Have done long trips no problem, and now that it has just turned 25 years old, it still turns the odd head and gets nods of appreciation.

28th Mar 2014, 06:51

I just stumbled across your valuable posts in regards to the CD250U. Yes the above review is completely useless; the CD250U I have has twin carburetors and it's a pretty good machine.

The reason why I am posting this comment is, I would like to know what is the average MPG (UK or US, please mention when you state it)? I managed to tune up my carbs and spark plugs; looks pretty clean, and the bike runs great, but it does only around 22 KM per liter, which is around 62 MPG (imperial).

8th Mar 2016, 11:20

Totally agree with the previous comments. Best little workhorse for going shopping, camping, touring, Tan Hill pub in 1.5 hours from York, fully laden (camping gear).

Alan the potato technician, York.

23rd Jun 2016, 16:59

You should get the CB250.

Mine's a 1997 model. Single carb, twin cylinder 4 stroke. Front disk and a rear drum brake.

It easily does 110 - 130 MPG (UK), which is approx 350 miles to the tank before the reserve tank is needed.

Insurance is cheap and running costs almost nil (no oil filter but a gauze to clean).

Pity that it doesn't have a fully enclosed chain guard.

The power on mine is adequate around London, but many 125cc scooters leave me standing at the lights.

I have added a Givi screen to match the rear box that came with the bike.

It just runs and runs. In the winter when all the big bikes have been put away, mine is out there!!

I find that mine runs better on BP petrol with an occasional shot of Redex. It doesn't like the cheaper supermarket fuel... don't ask me why!!

I would definitely buy another one.

24th Apr 2019, 20:57

I think the bike reviewed is the CD200 Benly, not the 250u. I have had both, and currently have a CB250; same engine but single carb; mine also has the Rickman fairing and panniers, which actually came off an ex police CD200 Benly. All cracking little bikes for what they were intended, and if looked after, will go on for decades.

The CD200 had a lovely wide seat which they dropped on the 250u for some reason.

The 4 speed box always seemed like it needed an extra one, and the 250u got it.

The disc brake was a great improvement on the original drums.

The fully enclosed chain the reviewer mentions was on the CD200 and did save a lot of chain wear, but was fiddly to remove and replace when the chain and sprockets did need replacing.

The CB250 is actually an update of the old CD200 with basic instruments etc, but two improvements I have found over earlier models are a plastic rear mudguard and a plastic seat base; both parts that suffered steel worm on the earlier models.

I am totally delighted with mine, although it's now 24 years old.

10th Aug 2019, 08:14

I’ve got a Honda CD250u and I need a CDI unit. Can I use one from a different model? I’m having a hard time getting one.

12th Nov 2019, 10:13

1988 CD 250u: happy little work horse. Easy to maintain by ham fisted people. Parts dirt cheap. Fits even short people. Mine is geared WAY down and only does 55 mph at a fast cruise, but then again it's got a heavy sidecar on it, and girl friend, and groceries, and truck battery behind sidecar seat, and a gallon can of petrol, and jack and more. Huge barn door windscreen, hot grips, bar muffs, LED spot light, GPS... the little alternator runs it all. Huge windscreen allows slip streaming. Find a lorry doing 55-60, get 70 ft back and roll off the throttle by a 1/4 and get an extra 10 mph while being sucked along. Down side? 55 mph and only 55 miles to the imperial gallon, but with sidecar. "Does wot it says on the can".

30th Nov 2020, 11:28

I agree with all you say about this little bike.

I have restored five of these bikes, and indeed still have a couple for sale.

As you say, they are twinned carbs with disc brake up front, and are indeed good little bikes and perform as stated, coping easily with present speed limits, and they are economical.

18th Oct 2023, 11:13

Yeah, that's right - the model in the opening review DOES look as though it refers to the CD 200.