22nd Dec 2010, 19:02

I am the OP of this review. I no longer own the Elite; I do miss it though. I now ride a 2001 Honda Helix (250cc scooter). The Helix is a big scoot, with a lot more umph than the Elite could ever muster. It also has recliner like seats in it, and a lot of built-in storage.

That said though, I do miss the Elite. I liked its tiny frame, its light weight, its overall simplicity. I sold the Elite for what I paid for it, and would now buy it back, if I could. They are just so much dog-gone fun to ride around.

Anyhow, enjoy your scooter. It will do you good for a long time, as long as you do the simple maintenance needed.

16th May 2014, 00:05

Actually, a CDI has nothing to do with transmission (shifting). A CDI controls the electricity delivered to your ignition system. It's what "matches" the sparks firing with the fuel entering the cylinders. They are also called ignitors.

17th Mar 2015, 17:31

I think he meant CVT, but you are correct about the CDI being the ignition.

24th Sep 2016, 19:56

I recently bought a used Elite 80 scooter for $450 with 1800ish miles on it. Let me tell you a steal of a deal. Runs well enough, a couple of minor issues when I bought it though, a flat tire and it acts like I'm wiggling the throttle when riding down the road, and at idle you could hear the engine revving up and down to almost stalling point, then die. My last scooter was a 50 Tao Tao Future Sport. I only miss the speed (50-60mph) and storage. Had one scare with the Honda. Ground got corroded and suddenly I got nothing but a click when trying to start it. Everything else worked but the headlight. Just curious, money and longevity aside, exactly what can I do to get a few extra mph?