1982 Honda CM450E from United States of America


Great beginner bike... strong acceleration...quick handling... overall fun to ride, for a short time


The bike's clutch was slipping, had to replace it.

The tank was banged up and I replaced it with a tank off of a CM450A.

The right side cover was missing, replaced that.

A few misc. parts were broken or missing (i.e. turn signal lens, frame bolt, headlight adjustment, etc.)

Both tires were dry rotted, replaced both tires and tubes.

Two spokes broke on the bike somewhere along the way. Had the rear wheel re-laced when I had the tire put on. I chose to use someone with some experience for this one.

Since I've been riding the bike, only spokes have required maintenance... other than typical fluid changes and all that.

All other maintenance I performed myself.

General Comments:

Overall this is a really great little bike. It's great for a beginner, which is why I got the bike.

I rode dirt bikes for a long time, but never on the road... so I wanted something a little more "tame" to start with. However, I learned that this bike is pretty powerful. It's light weight, and has a pretty powerful motor, I think I've seen that it's around 45 hp. Once I gained some experience, this bike is a blast. My bike handles very quickly because I have straighter bars on it.

Braking is a little "iffy", definitely need to engine brake by downshifting if you're carrying any kind of speed up to a stop.

My only issue with the bike is the comfort. The "king/queen" seat is a little uncomfortable, and causes me to get pretty cramped up on the tank (I'm only 5'9"). I've been looking for a straight seat that would fit the bike, but to no avail. I'm pondering customizing a seat.

I definitely feel like I was riding after getting off of this bike after about 20-30 miles. I would never attempt a 100-mile+ ride on this bike. NO WAY!

Someone of shorter stature or a female would be a perfect fit for this bike, in my opinion.

This is a great commuter bike... no doubt about that. Good in town, and short small highway trips. And I average about 55-60 mpg on it. Good stuff!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2008

1982 Honda CM450E from United States of America


Not just a good beginner bike, it's also a real motorcycle

General Comments:

I bought this motorcycle a few weeks ago. I'm a first time owner/rider, and I finally got the bike registered, etc. and got my learner's permit.

Today was the first day I rode it to work. The bike performed flawlessly, and I made it safely to my destination. I definitely need some practice though, in order to gain more confidence. I'm lucky to live in an area of Maine where my commute to and from work is all back roads and traffic is sparse at best.

My reason for selecting the motorcycle was based, in part, upon the reviews of others on this website and I'd like to say thanks. As a new rider, I feel as though I can contribute to this forum by saying that the Honda CM450E is a great beginner bike with all the power and speed a beginner needs. I hope this contribution is helpful to other first timers who are looking for a beginner bike.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2007

1982 Honda CM450E from United States of America


Easy to handle, reliable, low maintenance bike


Chain and sprockets are showing their age and will have to be replaced soon. Otherwise, nothing aside from normal maintenance (lube, cables, fluid and filter changes, etc).

General Comments:

450cc parallel twin, 6-speed transmission. Great little bike for commuting, riding around town, or short highway trips. Keep up with the maintenance and it will be a very reliable bike. Lightweight, nimble, easy to handle, a great beginner bike.

Surprisingly quick for a 450, although it's definitely no speed demon. The bike is happy cruising at around 70mph on the highway; any faster than that and the vibration starts to get to you. Although the bike can hit 80-90 if needed.

The drum brakes require a stronger squeeze than disks, but on the plus side they are lower maintenance.

Bike gets about 50-60mpg, depending how you ride.

Only things I wish it had are a tachometer, a centerstand, and a slightly larger fuel tank... it holds about 2.5 gallons so you can only get about 100 miles before hitting reserve.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

27th Aug 2008, 15:06

OK here's the deal, my 450 is a pretty good bike overall, but there are a few issues I still have a problem with.

Like valve clatter; no matter what I do, tick, tick, tick. Is it just me? Or does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I'm just too picky.

The bike runs good enough. I haven't had any real problems with it, so yes it is a good bike, great for a beginner, or experienced rider alike. And if you are looking for a bike that is easy to learn to work on yourself, this is the bike for you.

For you riders out there who already have one, if you are like me, and have a problem with the stock headlight not being bright enough, or are looking for an aftermarket headlight that is cheaper than and better than the OEM, try candlepower.com, they have what you need. When you call, ask for Kenny Franklin. Tell him Psychopedia Jim sent ya, you'll be glad you did, and oh yeah, a 50/65 watt headlight will work with the stock electrical system, but replace the 20 year old original headlight fuse first, otherwise you might find yourself riding in the dark.

17th May 2013, 22:28

I also have a 1982 CM450E with a "ticking" noise coming from both sides of the engine. After letting the auto-cam tensioner adjust itself and checking/re-checking valve clearance, the tick remains.

Through other online forum research, I've learned that some ticking noises are inevitable. Long-time owners have suggested it is better to hear the valve tappets working than to not hear them at all.

As long as there is fresh oil and valve clearance is checked annually, I hope nothing gets worse! Best of luck to you, me and everyone else with well-deserved concern for these classic motorcycles.