1982 Honda CM450E from Netherlands


Good, and I've owned a lot of bikes


No troubles, even runs in very cold conditions!

General Comments:

Small bike, but a great companion.

For some reason I love the bike?

If sold now (with little upgrade), I would be very interested in a new one (everything a little bigger please).

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Review Date: 7th March, 2011

1983 Honda CM450E from Canada


Pure enjoyment in a small package!


The rear tail light doesn't turn on when you switch the key to the "on" position. Bad wiring?

The seat has been recovered.

Exhaust pipes rotted out where they join the collector.

General Comments:

Bought the bike, as an abandoned, neglected little machine... which had sat parked in the back parking lot of a local uptown store. Someone had backed into it, and it had fallen over. Nothing really has ever gone wrong with it with the exception of a few minor issues.

Other than that, it is by far my favorite motorcycle out of all the bikes I currently own, and past ones.

I actually love it so much, that I'm going to purchase another one of the same (different colour) tomorrow. Now I will have both the black and gray, and brown colour schemes for the same year. Awesome.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2010

29th Apr 2013, 15:21

Same owner that posted the above review... and just as an update, my '83 black CM450 now has approx. 74,000 kms on the odometer and still going strong!

I just bought another CM450e (1984 model), burgundy in color with 39,000 km. Bought it in complete untouched original condition... just very dirty and neglected for the whopping sum of $500 delivered to my door. She's gonna be a beauty! Purrs like a kitten, and still has the factory exhaust in very good shape... not rotted out, no dings, dents or scratches. Just needs a front tire and some serious TLC.

Absolutely love these small Honda twins!!!

25th May 2015, 18:43

Same owner as the comments above...

It is now late May 2015, and last weekend I purchased an almost complete '83 450 Nighthawk (as a parts bike) for just the motor... to possibly be a donor to my black '83 CM450E (now at just over 82,000 km and still going strong).

Rode the ol' 450 down through the White Mountains, through New York state into Ontario and back without a hiccup. Ran like a beauty.

Going to go pickup another '83 CM450E this weekend coming... very much a complete running bike as new with only 17,000 km on the odometer (originally from BC, Canada)... for the whopping amount of $400! Can you imagine! No registration, and has not been run since the early 2000s... but will still be excellent for the low mileage motor and all the other running gear parts.

Should keep me going very well for another 20 or 30 years anyways! :)

I absolutely love this bike! Get one if you can find one!

1982 Honda CM450E from United States of America


A real and reliable bike great for commuting and longer rides under 100 miles


Original seat was torn, had it recovered.

Battery side cover was missing, found one at a junkyard, repainted tank and side covers all black.

Chain was unreliable, replaced with new.

Windshield brackets to turn signal arms failed, both sides broke, made replacement aluminum brackets from slightly thicker plate.

No center stand, added one from junkyard off of a Honda 500.

Headlamp was dented and dim, replaced with new.

Instrument panel bulb burned out, replaced with new.

General Comments:

Very reliable, clean running bike.

Needs to be warmed up in cooler weather.

Shakes dangerously at highway speeds over 70.

100 mile range on 2.3 gallon tank limits trip length before refueling.

Not a speedster off a standing start, and not a lot of passing power on highway, however very smooth through gears, and sixth gear is a real bonus.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2010

1982 Honda CM450E from Canada


Quick, fun bike for a starter


The seat has started to wear badly and rip.

The bike has started to bog down through gaining speed and accelerating. Problem with the carbs?

General Comments:

The bike is very quick off the line.

I bought the bike a short time ago, and am very pleased with it. I am a beginner rider, feel really comfy on it, and I am 6'2" 220.

Will be shortening the turn signals and type.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2010