2005 Honda CRF150F from United States of America


A best buy for a beginner bike


Carb problems that the dealer found out was caused from a factory defect.

General Comments:

Great starter bike for a kid who has outgrown an 80. The bike is dependable, almost maintenance free and very well built.

Downfall of the bike - Honda needs to build a big wheel version.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2008

2004 Honda CRF150F from United Kingdom


A terrific and very reliable bike

General Comments:

I recently purchased a Honda CRF150F, for my son, to replace a smaller Kawasaki he has outgrown. I ride a CCM 604DS and have been pleasantly surprised how easily the smaller capacity bike does in keeping up with my own, particularly if the track has more tight turns.

The Honda is reliable and far easier to work on than my own bike. It is an ideal bike to consider before moving on to larger capacity machinery.

I am 6' 3" tall and do not find the bike too small for me. It feels agile, and although the bike is considered heavy by two stroke standards, it is very manageable.

I consider this Honda to have been a very worthwhile purchase, and my son, who is 5' 10" tall, believes it is the ideal bike for him at present.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2007

2006 Honda CRF150F from United States of America


The little bike that could..


Nothing major yet.

General Comments:

It is a good starter bike, good acceleration, economical, comfortable, and you can find anything you want after-market from 250cc stroker engine kits to aluminum frames.

I ride it hard and this thing is RELIABLE!!

I have rode along with bigger bikes (xr400s, 2-strokes 125cc, 100cc, ATVs). It keeps up no problem, I get comments all the time.

Size is good for teens and adults as well.

I can fit it in my Jeep, which is sweet!.

I installed the Baja Designs enduro kit to ride at night and it is great.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

31st Aug 2006, 11:12

How hard is the seat though?? Because my dad bought a 2003 CRF230F and the seat is so hard!

Anyway, the bike sounds great and I know that the CRF150 is going to be my next bike!!

27th Nov 2006, 13:09

I just purchased a crf150f w/baja kit and am looking for a luggage rack of some kind to put on the back. Can you help?


18th Jul 2007, 20:59

I'm getting a Honda CRF150 on Saturday. How many miles/km an hour does it go up to? What are some things I should know about riding it?

30th Mar 2008, 19:09

Hey, I got an answer to how fast you can get your CRF150F to go; I was testing my 2007 beside my brothers car on the highway, and we got up to 90-92 km/h. My bike is damn fast for a stock bike, although I did adjustments to the carb, and muffler.

17th Jul 2008, 17:55

CRF150F 2007 rocks.

I love it. I go fast over jumps and I love going through erosions. Go up steep hills and it handles good, and my bike is brand new, so it can go up to 130km/p.

23rd Mar 2009, 12:03

I have a Honda CRF150F (2006). I got it new in 2007. I found the seat really hard, but it has lots of power for trail riding, and it is also great for jumping. Although it does weigh a lot at 220 pounds. It's great for cat walks on dry grass or hard packed dry dirt.

7th Dec 2009, 21:59

I wanna get an 06. How fast does it go in MPH?

14th Oct 2010, 15:59

Yeah, I've got a 06 CRF150F; very nice bike.

The only thing I can say that kinda sucks, but not really, is it has no kick start in case the electric start doesn't work.

Other than that, it's always reliable on trails and over knee high water. The CRF does better on trails than ATVs; trust me, I know, and it's not just the rider; the bike could have a little more power, but it's at a perfect speed and acceleration I think, and if you ride one, you will too.