12th May 2007, 15:54

My YZ 85, which is a two stroke, smokes CRF 150's with ease...

27th Jul 2007, 02:04

Two strokes are jokes; they use more gas and they have dumb powerbands. They may be lighter, but they cannot be green stickered. Plus the four strokes are making an uprise because they can keep up, and even beat two jokes, and they do not require mix fuel.

So four strokes rule.

5th Oct 2007, 12:35

I agree, 2 strokes smell really bad and are noisy.

13th Mar 2008, 15:24

If you think a four stroke would touch a 2 stroke of the same size, come see my CR250.

23rd Aug 2008, 19:11

Four strokes rule in every way.

18th Nov 2008, 19:10

I have a CRF 150f 03 and a 2008 YZ250R that's been bored out to max, and my 150 has got more guts, but not top speed. Any way, what's the top speed of a 150?

8th Dec 2008, 23:41

2 strokes are faster, lighter and funner. Always will be.

1st Jan 2009, 23:13

Four strokes are wayyyyy better than any 2 strokes, however, the smell of 2 stroke exhaust is awesome!

14th Feb 2009, 18:17

Dude, I have a 04 CRF150F, and I've blown the shock 2 times, so should I get a 150 r or what?

25th Apr 2010, 07:27

I have a 2003 Honda CRF150f and I love it. I just got for my birthday on December 16th, but one thing I am not good at is taking off using the clutch.

7th May 2010, 11:59

I have an 03 Honda CRF150 and it smokes CR80's..

30th Jun 2010, 08:03

I am 5'7" and weight 140 lbs. I hate to say it, but my KTM 200 EXC 2-stroke is ten times the trail bike that my 2005 Honda 150 CRF will ever become.

That being said, the CRF is a great, well built bike. It also costs much less than my KTM. The Honda is very forgiving and easy to ride. I may not have the snappy acceleration of my two-stroke, but at the same weight it does great in the woods and has been very dependable. It is torquey enough to go up hills as well, and allows you to be caught a gear off and still keep chugging.

The 32 or so inch seat height is also great for shorter riders like myself.

24th Nov 2020, 22:13

Then you’re racing people who can’t ride. We own both. 2006 CR85r and a 2004 CR150f, and the 85 will smoke the 150 all day everyday. The 150 is no slouch, but the 85 is a race bike period.