1983 Honda CX650 Custom from Guatemala


Fast and great looking old lady


Bought from a workshop where it was being partially restored.

The speed and revs meters were missing, but were given to me with the bike, broken. Obviously, no speedmeter cable, the same as choke cable.

Battery fiber glass cover cracked and partially restored with fiber glass inside, pins are missing.

Saddle beginning to crack.

Oil leak from one of the suspension bars.

Rusty exhaust from sitting under the trees before.

One of the cylinders was giving trouble lately, and was allowing fuel into the spark plug.

The whole electric system is a mess.

General Comments:

The bike is great, it accelerates almost with the thought, and is very easy to handle for its size and weight. It does need a lot of work to be done, but there's where I'm lucky that my uncle is an old mechanic who keeps pieces "just in case", and he had almost all the pieces the bike needs.

It was love at first sight I'd say, and I'm planning to keep her for as long as I can.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th August, 2011

27th Jul 2012, 19:47

Update: Took her out of the garage two months ago finally, and it has been a love-story all along. I fitted a trunk in the rear, and am looking for a nice windshield to fit; probably will have it custom made. Being a rare motorcycle, I really enjoy having those who know of motorcycles to admire her and ask for a price, and those who don't know, to ask and give them all the specs.

11th May 2014, 18:29

I just found what looks to be hopefully my first bike. Found a really sharp 1983 CX650C that has some custom work for really great price. He said it was a hard tail. I was kinda worried about the ride, but it seems like you're happy with it.

23rd May 2016, 17:07

Hi! Sorry for replying this late. I had to sell mine (sadly) because our bad roads were killing it. But at this date, even my wife keeps reminding me how great it was and looked.

If the one you are buying is in good working order, KEEP IT. They are rare and reliable. I love the engine sound. The only one thing to worry about, that I found, is the thermostat, really hard to find over here. My uncle adapted a switch for the fan, but it meant that I needed to constantly pay attention to the temp gauge.

But, as I said... K E E P I T.