13th Jul 2018, 05:37

You have a 35 year old bike with only 18000 miles on the clock?! My math tells me you only ride 65 miles / month in an 8 month riding season. Let me know when you're selling, and I'll show you what that machine was made for, and it wasn't for sitting covered up in a garage.

18th Apr 2023, 03:06

Please don't bash someone's riding habits; some people prefer shorter rides to the long drawn out, back aching, neck muscle pain bike rides.

20th Jun 2023, 20:20

Perhaps they ride a couple times a year on one bike, and other times a year on another.

There's a season for riding bikes... yeah right... 24-7 rider here, seasons are for office staff and plastic bikers...

11th Dec 2023, 08:35

Honda Goldwing GL1800 motorcycle. I'm putting about 100,000 miles a year on it. I'm riding in pretty much any weather; doesn't bother me with the exception of heavy snow because well it's a motorcycle. Obviously I wouldn't pass someone for their riding habits, but I do believe that if you're going to buy a bike you should use the thing; I mean sitting there doing nothing isn't going to help keep it in good condition. When I bought my GL1800, I left my GL1500 in the garage for a year and what a pain it was getting it all back in order and road ready. Bikes are designed to be ridden; I don't understand why people put them in the garage for three quarters of the year; I just don't understand it. I love riding; I hate seeing my motorcycle stuck there, looking sorry for itself, wanting for someone to get on it and ride it. So I am with you on this one. I live in the UK and I find it sad that in winter it's mostly the Uber drivers (well riders on their little scooters, the learner drivers), they are the ones doing all the riding in winter, and yet all of those with proper motorcycles, full licence holders, they don't even think about going out when it gets cold; I don't understand it. If the learner riders can manage it on their tiny little scooters, then why can't full licence holders?