2008 Honda NT700V Deauville from United Kingdom


Does everything in an ordered, reliable, predictable and unobtrusive manner



General Comments:

The Ford Focus of the motorcycle world.

Very comfortable with amazing wind and weather protection.

I commute 110 miles a day on mine, just get on and press the start button, it works.

Virtually maintenance free, I check the oil level and the tyre pressures weekly, they have never needed topping up.

Rear tyre lasted 8K miles. Looks as new when I bother to clean it.

Returns 50-55mpg dependent on aggression.

Quick enough, but runs out of puff around 95mph (licence preserver).

If you want weekend excitement, look elsewhere, but if you need a tool to do a job, the Deauville 700 is it.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2010

30th Aug 2012, 04:27

I love passing this bike on my Suzuki DL-650. Both bikes are much the same, but the DL-650 has the edge.

10th Nov 2018, 11:40

You love passing a Deauville? I doubt Deauville owners even care. Motorcycling isn't just about speed. Some of us like to cruise.

25th Jul 2019, 07:39

I agree! So many people think that motorbikes are just about speed, which in my opinion is pretty pathetic. Owning and riding motorcycles is about so much more than that. Personally I like the Deauville. I've never owned one, but I'm tempted. More than enough power for real world riding.