26th May 2010, 20:38

100-mile tank range? Not the case. I get just about 200 miles per tankful. It reads near empty at 150 miles, and I have no idea why, but the reality is the bike gets around 50 miles to the gallon and hold just over four US gallons.

6th Nov 2010, 15:53

Hello to you all.

As you will experience, my English is not so good, but you'll forgive me, I hope.

Now I bought a Honda PC 800 in March 2010, and my wife and I made a 3000 km trip from Belgium to France and back, with also several trips in France. Our average fuel use was 4.90 liters per 100 kilometers, and the farthest we got was 174 miles before fueling up. Then the tank indication was already beyond empty. Fueling up, it appeared that the 16 liter tank still contained about 4 liters. So if you have the standard fuel meter, like we have, and you get into the red indication, you can be confident for at least the next 30 miles/50 kilometers. So if you can only do 100 miles with a tank, there must be something wrong with the carburettors, or the tank was not filled to the top.

In another comment, I read that the PC is top heavy and tends to fall down. I can only say that standing in front of a stop light, with my wife in the back (we weigh 110 kilos together), I can keep this machine straight up with my hands on my knees.

To cut it short: I've not been biking since 2001, and I restarted this year, but our 1989 "Sally" gives me a feeling like I've not ever been driving another motorbike before. Even if you make a mistake, she remains very forgiving. I'm still happy I bought her, and hope that I can keep her for many, many years more.

Greetings from Karl, Antwerp, Belgium.

16th Aug 2011, 18:20

Thanks Karl. Nice comments.


14th Apr 2014, 08:47

I have a 1994 PC800 that I ride regularly as I am retired. Last week I rode the bike down into north Georgia trout fishing, and Pioneer, Tennessee to my second fuel-up was 130 miles, and it held 2 gallons. Of course from the top of the mountain to Cherokee is down.