1971 Honda Trail 90 (CT-90) from United States of America


Great toy, will keep it forever


Have to clean the spark plug now and then, and have replaced the battery and recovered the seat. Also replaced fork seals. It still needs a muffler.

General Comments:

This was my grandfather's hunting bike, so it's a keepsake. This is what people rode before the 3-wheelers and quad runners took over. It will go through anything. Has a 2-speed (high-low) gearbox and a three speed transmission. Low is LOW... made to go up STEEP hills. The bike is easy to ride, quiet, and fun to putt around on to the store or down a dirt trail. It's also really quiet, at idle it barely makes a sound.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2006

15th Aug 2007, 20:59

These all have a four speed transmission (not three) and the high / low range selector. They are great trail bikes!

23rd Aug 2007, 23:05

I'm having trouble with the electricals. It seems to run the battery down (lights dim then go out) then dies. After awhile it starts up and runs like a top. Going to change the battery and looking for a electronic rectifier. Anyone had the same problems, or know where I can get a rectifier?