2008 Honda Unicorn from India


I bought my bike in June 2008.

After driving 2000 Ks one fine day, I found that my bike's back rim got a crack and was bent. Reported the same to HM-SI to treat it as manufacturing defect, but in vain, I couldn't even receive a acknowledgment from HMSI, simply my dealer contacted me to convey the message that it's not manufacturing defect but it's an accident. I am shocked to hear this, because there is not a single mark on my vehicle.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2008

2004 Honda Unicorn from India


This bike is awesome - just go for it


I had to change my disc plates at around 7000 Ks.

I had to change my front wheel rims, spokes, and drum at around 9000 Ks.

The only weak point of this bike, and the problem faced by me, is that only it seems to get around 40km/litre in city and 45 on highways.

General Comments:

This bike is awesome, it can beat any bike in its class.

Till now, the suspension has not given me any problem.

I have travelled all the way to Goa on this bike, from Mumbai, nonstop at a speed of 100kms per hour. There was no problem with the engine - the bike gave me unbelievable performance on my way. The problem I had to deal with was mileage - I just got 38kms per litre, but I was constantly riding at 8 and half thousand rpm. The engine quality of this bike is the best. It's definitely better than any other 150 cc bikes.

The seat is very comfortable for long journeys, but a pillion passenger might face problems.

I had to change my horn because the horn given by Honda is very bad - people can hardly hear it. It's very difficult to ride with that horn on the highway.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2006

13th Apr 2006, 02:50

I do agree with you that this is the best bike in its class, but there are certain problems which I noticed in the bike.

First, the gearbox is not smooth and creates problems when you want to bring the bike to a lower gear,

Second, the disc brakes are not as effective as a Bajaj (which I was driving before I bought this bike).

Third, I felt that the bike is quite unstable at very low speeds (may be due to the thinner rear tyres or the single suspension, I don't know).

Added to this, there are the poor quality accessories which have started rusting. Even the wheel rim of my bike has become rusted within one year.

The positive things are that it has got a good pickup, lesser gear change requirements, fantastic ride comfort, well placed controls, and a very good engine.

2005 Honda Unicorn from India


Honda takes on Bajaj with this challenger


Rattly tail lamp problem keeps popping up.

Speedometer cable once went bad, and hence I was without an odometer too for about 20 days. Costs Rs.85 to fix at the authorized service station. (I will keep updating the review as the time goes on).

General Comments:

Honda's customer service has a long way to go. You actually have to book the service day! (at least here in Pune).

The bike is the smoothest of all 150cc bikes here in India. The suspension works well. However if you have to travel on very bad roads (like I have to), I recommend you take a good look at the Bajaj Pulsar with the Nitrox suspension.

This bike has really taken the fight to Bajaj. To really make a point, the Unicorn is priced lowest in Bajaj's home town Pune!!

However I expect Honda to keep bringing out newer and better variants out from time to time, as Bajaj does.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2005

2nd Nov 2006, 04:11

1) Poor look when compared to a Pulsar.

2) Shield rattling when acceleration is raised.

3) Silencer knocking the rear brake lever when offroad.

4) Low mileage when compared to a Pulsar.

23rd Dec 2006, 17:30

Poor horn.

29th Jan 2007, 00:51

The Honda Unicorn is the best bike in India, but one disadvantage in this bike is no alloy wheels.