24th Jul 2006, 04:23

I would like to give some comments on the Honda Unicorn.

The bike is very nice and smooth, but the problem is starting in the morning. It couldn't generate the pick-up while riding in the first 5 minutes, and also the gears are not shifting properly.

6th Mar 2007, 04:45

I have been using this bike for last 1.5 yrs on the bumpy roads of Indore. The engine is flawless and also the balance and comfort... but as stated earlier - quality of accessories are inferior, rusting is visible on many parts. Morning starting problem and time to warm up is also irritating. Petrol gauge meter, Mileage is also an issue.

While purchasing this bike my perception was - Honda would be sensitive in launching this bike against already established Pulsar, but it seems it was a half hearted effort. Within a short span the bikes under Hero-Honda belt came up with better features like no corburettor, digital display, graphics etc.

BUT is Honda India listening? Or they are still under the euphoria of Honda Brand?

19th Apr 2007, 03:12

Last month (March '2007) I purchased a Passion +

I was very happy to go for the Hero Honda brand.

A week after purchase I am disappointed.

1. Average is 30 Km/Ltr

2. On a morning it takes 3-5 minutes in start

3. Engine sounds strange

I did visit the authorised show room and the answer is "EVERYTHING IS FINE".

22nd Oct 2007, 13:26

I purchased a Honda Unicorn in July 07. Believe me, I've had a fantastic experience with it. I've falled in love with my Uni. I feel proud when I ride my Uni.

The only problem I faced was maximum speed... that is only 105 kph. I like its mono shocker, nice pickup and many more.

10th Mar 2008, 00:26

I want to purchase Honda Unicorn. After hearing a reduction of Rs 1000 on unicorn I would like to wait for some more time. But I thought it would have further reduced. The Hero Honda Splendor has reduced its price by 1300, so I thought the Unicorn must have reduced by something around 1500.

I am not able to wait and went to Honda showroom to enquire when the reduced prices will start. They said it is from April first. Can anybody tell me the exact date of the revised price of Unicorn after budget starts from?

9th Sep 2008, 05:42

I have been riding a Unicorn for the past three and a half years, Jan 05.

Recently in August 08 I changed the battery, I got the rear tyre replaced with a Dunlop tyre.

It's the best bike in its class, still getting 52 km per litre when driven in city condition at 50 km per hour. The top speed of my bike after the tyre change is 110km per hour, no vibrations felt even at that speed.

The parts getting rusted is very true, be it the rims of the wheels or the silencer pipe passing through the engine.

In these three and half years, the parts I changed are battery, indicators (frequently as they get broken easily) speedometer wire, brake pads, blinker switch. Now I guess the latest in the pipeline is the rectifier.

30th Sep 2008, 05:15

Hi all.

I just want to give some comments about my Unicorn bike.

Also like to get some feedback about my comments.

I got my Unicorn just 4 days back on 27-9-2008. Within 4 days I found some issues with the bike. They are:

1) Morning starting problem. It is very irritating.

2) Pick up is really bad when compared with my friend's Unicorn bike.

3) Suspension is very bad for the pillion rider.

4) Also noise is more compared to my friends Unicorn bike.

Generally it's a good bike. But I don't know about mine.

24th Oct 2008, 07:56

I have a one and half year old 150 Honda Unicorn Sports, the old sports model with sticker job on the tank. The bike is good, but I cannot say the same about the service.

My complete review is on http://fraka-bike-honda-unicorn-sports.blogspot.com/

- Francis Ouseph

1st Nov 2008, 11:59

Hey everybody...

Wanna share something related to the Honda Unicorn.. it's the best bike in its segment.. I purchased it in March 2005; till now I have done 66000km.

No problems yet... the engine is silky smooth... I drove 3000kms in just 10 days on a trip to LEH Kashmir... ya you know the condition of the roads there...

Flawless supreme bike it is.

Cheers for the Horse from HONDA.

6th Jan 2009, 03:34

Hi all Honda lovers, I've got a three year old Unicorn, I upgraded from a CD 100. I had no issues with that bike. I just need more power, comfort and reliability. Here's what I feel about the Unicorn.

Pros - good build quality of both engine and chassis, reliable, smooth and comfortable, good riding position, OK mileage for a 150cc 45-50KM/L, good handling on smooth roads, puncture resistant rear tyre, great commuter bike for every day use.

Cons - very very bad service, poor accessories which rust and break easily, spare parts are relatively expensive, relatively poor handling on slippery and rough roads, bike stalls in wet weather, false neutrals, poor sounding horn, head light could be more focused, bike is top heavy, which can lead to skiding when the front brake locks.

I am a die hard Honda bike fan and saved up a lot of money to buy my bike. I feel let down by HMSI. Honda owners deserve a better deal as far as servicing of their bikes are concerned. I have seen how the bikes are serviced, no proper care is taken. The service technicians don't follow the points detailed in the service manual. Servicing more or less amounts to just a water service and an oil change.

My bike's front disc had a wobble that was a manufacturing defect, but I ended up shelling out to have it replaced. The battery dried out even though I used to inquire about its condition every service. Finally I ended up getting it topped up and serviced outside. All this even though I have an AMC. Unless HMSI can think of connecting with the end user, it's going to lose a lot of good customers. Hope HMSI learns to take better care of its greatest asset - the owners of its bikes. Looking at the amazing come back of bikes like Yamaha and Royal Enfield, one can only wonder what Honda is doing to stave off the competition.

Warm Regards and a Happy New Year,


26th Jan 2009, 01:23

Honda Unicorn is a cool bike in terms of many things. The engine is the most important, when you ride at lower RPM the feel of the engine seems a little meek. Higher RPM it becomes better.

At a slow speeds the bike feels a bit unstable also.. may be due to weight distribution or wheels.. not sure. But the bike sells a lot.. and the next biggest challenge for HMSI is to ensure good service after sale. Calling back the customer and sending SMS to confirm the service completion is nice, however the service centres should be a little more transparent in telling customers about the state of the bike and what may be needed in near future. The management should be stringent in ensuring the list of things to checked and done should not be missed for even a single customer. Losing one customer's confidence can cost many more customers.

After using my bike for 15 months, I feel it's a great bike, but the service has to improve a little more to ensure customers like me stay with HMSI.

Devendra Kumar