12th Feb 2009, 03:21

Hi Unicorn owner. I bought a Unicorn a month ago. The bikes per performance is great. But there is a great problem. The rear tyre is useless. I almost got killed. There was a light rain 2 days earlier and the tyre slipped. I slipped and fell. When I opened my eyes I was under a bus. I had no harm luckily. The bus barely touched my helmet. I am very very lucky to be alive. I was not at high speed, only at 25 km/hr when the incident happened.

8th Apr 2009, 07:00


What was given in the review is not true, at least in my case. From the time I bought the bike, I am facing lot of issues with the bike and the service people maintained there were no issues till the second service. But in the second service, they themselves fixed one issue and charged me also. They even told me that they can handle the Honda Motors company people if it is escalated. I think it is true since I complained at Honda Motors website and I have not got any response.

Though Honda Unicorn gives good mileage, but the people are cheating and does not care about the customers. Engine is also good, but it comes to a complete halt suddenly and starts again by itself in the motion. This was reflected with the other customers who has come there for service.

If you decide to go for Honda, please check for the customer service.


17th Sep 2009, 21:18

I have been riding Honda Unicorn for the past 3 yrs. This bike was simply great when I first bought it, regarding its stability, mileage and comfort. But in the past few months I have been facing unnecessary skidding resulting in the rider falling down while applying the front brakes. Past years I have been applying the front brakes, but never had complications of skidding. In 3 months I have fallen down twice. Its front tyre is MRF NYLON GRIP ZAPPER FS size "2.75-18 42F". Its cross cut opening is towards the front direction like this 1. --> (\|/) but on other bikes I have seen its cut towards back direction like this 2.--> (/|\).

On Pulsars and most of other bike's tyres I have seen cuts like I have mentioned in 2. But when I checked the tyre rotation direction, the current installed way is true. But I don't know why I can't even apply front brakes, it just skids cross toward cross direction.

21st Sep 2009, 17:32

Hi. I am a Honda Unicorn user from 2007.

I agree, the bike has a creamy smooth engine, and is in best in its class. But the quality of spare parts is low and I have changed the main stand twice, but as for the first and second time, it got bent despite taking utmost care while launching the bike on the stand. The second time I was shocked when the stand actually got rusted and broke off while riding the bike.

I am from Mumbai.

29th Dec 2010, 06:18

The Honda Unicorn bike is great. Good engine when compared to a Pulsar. In a race, the Unicorn beat Pulsar, FZ, Hero Honda hunk. I drive at 110 in 4th gear.