1990 Honda VFR750 from Australia


A bike with a well earned reputation as an allrounder. Excellent!



General Comments:

I bought this bike to replace my '87 CBR1000F that was getting a little long in the tooth, but still performing well.

While the VFR does not have the huge acceleration and brute power of the CBR, it is a much better all round motorcycle.

Power is more than adequate for sane riding. The low to mid-range power delivery is excellent, and highly usable both in traffic and on the open road. Top end is no match for most litre bikes, but is still good enough to be scary.

Handling is excellent, even by modern standards. In the hands of a reasonably competent rider, the VFR will keep most other bikes in sight, regardless of capacity.

Seat comfort is excellent for both rider and pillion. My wife and I can go considerably longer than we could on the CBR before numbness sets in. Footpeg position is very good. The fairing works very well with no buffeting below 120kph (75mph) and only moderate activity up to 150kph (93mph). I have to confess that at age 50, going faster than this has no attraction, so the VFR copes well in all areas at "normal" speeds.

Fuel economy is average for a 750cc motorcycle.

What mostly attracted me to the VFR was its looks. This is one sexy looking machine, even given that it is sixteen years old. I often find myself just admiring the lines and finish. This is a bike that begs to be ridden and enjoyed.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006

4th Sep 2006, 16:46

Re. Honda VFR750 FL. I owned one for three happy years. The only problem I ever had was a blown tail light bulb and a loose mirror. Wonderful bike. Shame I ploughed into the back of a van on it, but I can't blame the bike for that.

3rd Feb 2007, 00:23

I owned 1990 VFR750 for 3 years. It is a stunning bike to look at and superbly engineered. I love the gear driven cam shaft v-4 engine.

Mine hated hot weather and really seemed underpowered in summer weather, but ran fantastic in cooler weather. I used Amsoil Synthetic racing oil, but even the best oil in the world didn't solve the hot weather power loss.

It never seemed to handle as well as I wanted. My 86 VFR700 handled much better.

I am too tall for these cafe styled bikes, and my wrists always ached. 45 minutes of city driving and I couldn't wait to get off it. My ultimate VFR would have an upright riding position, footpegs forward handlebars backward.

I don't know why Honda or any other maker didn't use the v-4 for a universal japanese style bike. Yes I had a Venture and know about the ST Hondas, the Suzuki Cavalcade and the cruiser style VFR, but I want a 5 gallon gas tank, upright riding position just like my favorite bike of all time - the Suzuki GS1000EC. What a perfect fit for me...

The Honda VFR 750...well Superb engineering, but not my cup of tea. It is like an English butler. It does every thing well, but not so much personality.

25th Mar 2007, 18:33

Hey. - I now own a VFR FL 750 1990. It is bike no. 14 for me, and far the best of the lot.

I am just sorry, that I didn`t look that direction years ago.

Finn, Randers, Denmark.

2nd Sep 2008, 16:32

I agree, the 1990 VFR750 is a very hot looking machine for an 18 year old bike.


New Zealand.

27th Sep 2009, 18:24

I have an 86 model and agree - for a cheap reliable bike with genuine high performance, this is the one to go for for! Also comfy and far more fun than the lorry like CBR 1000s, early Triumph 900s and FJ 12s you usually get at this price.

2 important tips:

Reg/rec units overheat and make the bike conk out. Solution, cable tie it to the rear footrest bracket to cool in the wind rush.

OE exhaust rots and costs and bomb to replace!! Only consider bikes with an aftermarket S/S replacement already done.

Don't be put off by a high miler, these bikes are fantastically hard wearing. Bung on a Scottoiler & luggage, and the south of France, here we come!

19th Jun 2010, 00:08

I just bought a 1990 VFR, AWESOME!!! For a 20 year old bike, she is still very sexy. I got lucky, mine is mint and was owned by a mechanic. I will say I was convinced to look for a VFR because 4 of my co-workers have them; 1991, 2001, 2003 and a 2006. This bike is everything they told me it would be and more. Long live the VFR/Interceptor :)

1996 Honda VFR750 from United Kingdom


Fast and comfortable


As I was in the process of selling the bike, the exhaust could have done with some welding.

Starter motor did not always work.

General Comments:

I bought this bike as an all year round bike, not just a toy. It has served me very well, never let me down all through the winter.

It is not an all out sports bike, but is very very fast. It can keep up with most bikes of its size. When on the motorway, it will sit at 120mph no problem whatsoever, with little wind blast. I have managed 140mph plus.

Once again, it keeps up on the twisty bits with the best of them. But also is very comfortable. On my old bandit 600 we would need to stop after 50 miles 2 up, but on the VFR we can go an extra 20 miles.

Overall, I would say this bike is a excellent bike for motorway use and a bit of track. It's excellent with a pillion.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2005

22nd Feb 2013, 02:34

I've had my VFR750F 1986 now for 10 years, if not more, and I've clocked up 158,000kms. The motor is still original! Serviced regularly! I bought the bike when it had 92,000kms. This bike can handle anything you dish out, it loves to roar hard and is easily tamed. No other bike comes close to its economy. If I ride sensibly I'll get between 350 - 400kms a tank full. If I ride aggressively, I'll be lucky to get 280kms to a tank full. The engine purrs like a kitten. I wouldn't change it for anything else...

Go Honda!