2019 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero from United States


Best ride ever for me!


Nothing. New in crate when purchased from the dealership.

General Comments:

I bought this ride, brand new out of the crate, back in June of 2022 from Wildwest Motors in Katy, Tx. I have been a supporter and patron for quite a spell now. Coats/jackets, gloves, helmets, equipment and parts, etc. Then one day, I saw my next ride.

Never have owned or ridden anything bigger than my 1999 Shadow 600vlx. The power and torque of the 750 really surprised me. The handling and smoothness of rides during straight-aways, turns, and hills is amazingly well balanced. The comfort of the set and spring system is great, especially for my old back and south padding areas.

I added a set of leather semi soft sided saddle bags, a leather helmet bag, a luggage support and rack behind the passenger seat. Also added a windshield and a 12v power outlet.

The drive shaft instead of chain drives was a new concept to me. Didn't know a dang them about them. But the smoothness of the shift transitions really impressed me. So much smoother than the chain drive. Doubt, I'll ever go back to chain drive again. Donated the VLX to my youngest son, which he has fallen in love with. He surely won't part with it anytime soon.

Haven't taken any roads trips as of yet. Just to and from work in Tomball and puttering about Katy, Tx for now. Hoping to give her a good turnout come summertime of 2023.

See y'all later! Keep two down!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2022

2009 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero from United States of America


Great bike for beginners or those who have not ridden in a while


None for me.

General Comments:

I have not ridden in over 25 years. I was a bit intimidated getting on the Shadow as the curb weight is 503 lbs. The long wheel base and weight do take a bit of getting used to at slow speeds, but anything over 25 mph on the road and handling is easy. I have read other reviews about vibration over 60 mph, and agree, though on mine it is not very noticeable until I get over 65. I have yet to put a fairing or windshield on, so can concur with the notes regarding feeling like the wind will blow my hands off the bars at over 70. I have only put two full tanks of gas in and am averaging about 55 mpg. I am in the cruising category of riding and so far this bike has met the performance and handling desires I have for touring secondary highways and winding mountain roads.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2021

2004 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero from Australia


Top quality, comfortable and easy to ride



General Comments:

This bike is incredibly easy to ride. I have been off of motorcycles for 10 years and had never ridden a cruiser, so I was a little worried about the test drive, but this bike is comfortable and forgiving. It isn't learner approved in Australia, but it probably should be.

As people have mentioned, it's not a fast bike. You can feel the power deficiency quite keenly. For me that is a feature (licence protection), but for some it is likely to be a problem; if it is then the Honda VTX1800c might be a better option.

With a 33.5 inch inseam, the footrests are too close, my knees too high, resulting in a slightly unstable feel and a quickly sore back. To combat this I have a set of scootmod 6 inch forward extensions on their way.

The handlebars could do with being slightly higher, but the stock set have welded risers. My bike just happened to come with a spare bar, so I intend to modify it to accept aftermarket risers.

Another issue to be aware of is the location of the speedometer, which is on the tank. When wearing a full face helmet the speedo is hidden by the chin guard and requires a tilt of the head to see instead of just an eye movement.

Please note that the bike reviewed is fitted with aftermarket Vance and Hines pipes, sissy bar, leather saddlebags, 12V accessory port and USB charger, phone holder, and a windscreen.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2016