2008 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero from United States of America


Great bike with good looks


The dealer/assembler failed to put in a set screw in the ignition kill switch. Easily fixed by the dealer at no cost.

General Comments:

The motorcycle is very comfortable and handles moderately well given its size. For a 750 it feels a bit heavy and takes a minute to get used to.

The low slung seat of the bike places taller riders like myself (6' with a 32" inseam) in a decent position. Still, forward controls, highway bars, etc. might be a useful upgrade.

The transmission is very smooth, although the ranges of 4th and 5th have a good deal of overlap.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

2004 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero from United States of America


It truly is amazing how much bike you can get between two wheels


This particular bike is not a morning person. It is likely to be disagreeable starting, and is a bear to ride until it's up to operating temperature (about 5 miles). I ride my other bike if it's a short hop.

General Comments:

Once it is warmed up, this Shadow Aero performs like a champ. Has excellent acceleration once you are familiar with the gear spread, which is pretty wide compared to other bikes I've known.

Roll on power is good. As wide as the other gears are, 4th and 5th are pretty close. You will want to downshift when passing or taking a hill. 4th leaves you in better stead on the climb. This bike moves along smoothly at 45, but is quite pleased to kick it up to 70 where it is right at home. You will notice some vibration after 60MPH. You wouldn't notice it as much if you add gel padded grips and seat pad.

As for economy, I've gotten 50 - 55 MPG highway and an even 60 on the slower secondary roads. It consumed no oil between changes. Being a Honda, parts and service are readily available.

Braking really likes to be planned in advance. This bike has more stopping power in the rear drum than in the front disc. I can't say that every Shadow Aero is like this, but mine sure is. It takes real effort to stop this one fast.

This cruiser needs space to handle. Those who are used to standard, sport or off-road bikes will fell like they are driving a bus in comparison. The longer wheel base makes for a more comfortable ride, but the handling suffers.

The Shadow Aero is a heavy machine for being a 750. You will appreciate the weight when you're hit by the wind wake of a passing semi. You will be equally impressed at the way the little V-Twin pushes this machine along.

The Shadow Aero is a style winner. Looking a lot like a vintage glide, from a distance I didn't know what it was. I was quite surprised to find it was a Honda. If you like to do custom, this Aero is open to so many possibilities.

This bike has the look, performance, economy and possibilities. There's not much out there that can deliver all those things at the price. New or pre-owned, you get a lot of bike for the buck!

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Review Date: 8th December, 2007

14th Sep 2008, 20:40

I think each bike has its own personality. My wife's VT750 starts great, no choke needed, and runs great even cold. She said she doesn't even know where the choke is ha ha ha.

24th Sep 2008, 00:17

Just purchased a 2004 with 5500 kms (3400 miles) on it yesterday. Rode it from Vancouver to home (500kms - 310 miles). Everything in the review is right on the mark, with the exception of the cold starting problems.

I rode thru the city, down the freeway, up into the mountains with cold, wind, rain and even snow. No windshield, but the bike handled very well at all speeds up to 140 km/h - 87 mp/h (I didn't go over that).

The ride was cold, but smooth. The bike felt firmly attached to the pavement thru all the conditions. Once over 100 km/h (60 mp/h) the wind feels like it wants to pull your hands off the controls, there's also some handlebar vibration, but it could have been partly because I was so cold.

Lots of power at the low end, and lots of overlap in the upper gears, smooth down-shifting when extra oomph is needed on long, wet uphill climbs or passing.

I can't wait till next summer!

20th Feb 2009, 07:39

I too just traded a GZ 250 (13,650 miles on it) for an '07 Aero with 1100 miles on it. I agree with the poster about the feel of "driving a bus". I could turn the 250 around within the lines of one space in a parking lot. The 750..not so much! I love it though so far.

I've only put a few hundred miles on it, but I think it's going to be a long term relationship. I felt like I too was going to be pulled from the handlebars over speeds of 60mph. A Memphis Shades windshield took care of that. A much more civilized machine now. Mine had a Cobra jet kit and a set of Cobra Dragsters pipes installed at the dealer. Man, what a great sound! And the power.. it's a rocket now. Mileage so far is 54 mpg. I'll update again after a few thousand miles.