21st Mar 2007, 14:48

I was just given a 87 XL600R from a very very good friend who had two of them. I am a long time thumper rider and this bike is one of the best I have ever ridden. If you can get one, buy it and keep it, you won't regret it. Honda got it right with this one, and yes parts are still cheap and easy to find. I just love this bike and can't believe it was given to me!!!

10th Jul 2007, 18:51

Hi Guys: I have an 85 Honda XL600R with 6000 original miles. I put it away in 87 because they were trying to either steal it or knock me off of it. I lived in NY. There it sat for 22 years winterized, and protected.

I guess I would like to know what it's worth. Runs great, looks immaculate. So how much can I get?

28th May 2009, 17:06

Your 1985 XL 600R is most likely worth what you paid for it in 1985. About $2500. Maybe more if it's that cherry.

They just do not build this quality of bike anymore. Todays thumper 650 singles have Elec-start for the sissy riders, plus tons of plastic crap hung on todays thumpers. They're heavy & slow. Your XL600 should blow them away if you're not over-weight yourself.

Honda gave-up these bikes for the XR. Kaw still build a 650, but it's slow & heavy. Keep your Honda, it's a great bike!!

26th Mar 2011, 23:42

I have an '85 XL600r, and I'm looking for the float bowl drain screws. Everywhere I've checked, will only sell them as part of the float assembly. $$$$

Does anyone have any leads on where to look and find these parts?


15th Apr 2011, 19:16

Above poster, study the threads on carb/depth/length/style, then just make your own drain plug perhaps with a rotary tool & add a rubber O-ring to seal it?

18th Apr 2011, 06:26

I bought my XL600R new in 1985. Right now it's almost got 60,000 miles on it. I live in southern California, and have had it from Mexico to Palm Springs. It looks good, and people have come up to me and tried to buy it. I traded in a 920 Yamaha Virago with shoot gun pipes and a little clip on fairing for it. I get 45 to 50 mpg, and always first off the line. If any of you get a chance to get one, do it.